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The Venetian festival has opened a film epopee

Yesterday Joe Right`s film Expiation the anniversary Venetian film festival to which 75 years are executed has opened - it is considered the forefather of all film festival movement in the world.

On the solemn premiere of profit, except the director, a star of this big epic film - Kejra Najtli, Vanessa Redgrejv, Romola Garai, James Makevoj. The picture is put under the novel of Iena Makjuena topped with much prestigious literary awards, and it is already declared by the main event of film year - by new Carried away by a wind . The novel consider as similarity British Wars and peaces : its action begins in the middle of 30 - h years of the XX-th century in a magnificent manor of heroes and overturns in Second World War nightmares. A problem to transfer it on the screen the director names the most difficult for all its practice: The book - meeting of symbols which develop in coherent history already in a head of the reader . It is echoed by the writer: This work destructive: to transform 130 thousand words of the book in 25 thousand words of the scenario! The book for cinema the difficult: action occurs mainly in interiors, and the big effective scenes, apparently, are not present .

However the director, behind which shoulders experience of a successful film Pride and a bias has managed to make on the basis of this plot a scale multifigured fresco. For shootings huge mass meetings have been involved: in roles of the British and German soldiers fishermen from Grimsby enormous rybopererabatyvajushchego of a complex acted in film, in docks and which shops scenes of military fights have been reproduced. The film has passed with the big success, and he deserves more detailed story.

And Venetian Mostra has opened the working viewings by Alexey Balabanov`s out-of-competition tape Cargo - 200 . It went at almost empty hall: journalists these minutes just landed at the airport the Dignity - Marko, fans of cinema have not arrived yet, actively there was an accreditation and sale of tickets for festival viewings. Is not present while also press responses.

the Anniversary festival opens in the conditions of the raised nervousness. Promise to enter severe system of the admission on sessions: the threefold control, any bags and the more so equipments which can serve pirates: sound recording devices and even cameras. The mite the nearest competitor of Venice has brought also, a newborn Roman international film festival: he declared that Coppola has preferred Venice Rome and the new picture has given to young film review. festivals became arhaikoj, - the venerable director has declared. - all these competitions became entertainment for snobs. Here Rome - another matter: the present democratic festival for general public .

it is valid, unlike the Cannes and Venetian reviews intended mainly for professionals, Rome spills a film holiday on all huge city, from its largest halls to the ships on Tiber.

Venice answers with promises to construct instead of out-of-date halls a new palace of festivals, like powerful state support is already promised to it. But to these promises already it is a lot of years.

the Unique Russian film in the main competition of Venetian Mostry - 12 Nikitas Mikhalkovs - for the first time it will be shown here on September, 7th.