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Andrey Lugovoj again proved the innocence

Yesterday businessman Andrey Lugovoj as whom the British Themis considers guilty of murder eks - the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko, again proved the non-participation in a sensational case.

On a press - the conference organised by RIA Novosti news agency and radio station Echo Moscow he once again spoke about performance and show - the program, srezhissirovannoj the British Office of Public Prosecutor under the scenario of local special services.

- All is very simple and clear. Me named the agent of KGB, FSB though I never there worked, and worked in a federal intelligence service. It was necessary to cast through me a shade on the Russian special services, - does not doubt Meadow.

On a direct question of the English journalist: you have killed Litvinenko the businessman, without fluctuating, has answered - is not present .

English journalists the question most of all interested - it have set three times, - why in that case Meadow refuses to appear before the London judges? In the answer the businessman has declared that the big-times politics is got mixed up in business of Litvinenko and to appear in this game by a change it does not wish. Meadow it is assured: the British special services on which Meadow worked are involved in murder of its former colleague. And the relation to polonium - 210, besides the victim, had still Boris Berezovsky and Ahmed Zakaev. Under the version Meadow, they prepared provocation in which centre there would be journalists Anna Politkovsky and Elena Tregubov. Meadow asserts that Berezovsky also concerns other loud crimes in Russia - to murder of journalist Vladislav Listeva and deputies of the State Duma of Sergey Yushenkov and Vladimir Golovlyov.