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India can pay for the Russian Instants of 10 billion dollars

the Management of the Russian aircraft constructing corporation (RSK) the Instant has received a package of documents on participation in the tender for delivery in India 126 multipurpose warplanes.

about what it was told throughout several last years, at last - that has come true. More precisely - has officially begun. Command of the Indian Air Forces declared for a long time desire to update the park of easy fighters. And though further declarations business long did not go, in the weapon world market the big agiotage has begun. After all the sum of the prospective transaction exceeds ten billions dollars. And it is not surprising that else to the official beginning of the tender the whole series of the loud corruption scandals rather high-ranking officials from various departments of India have appeared which figurants has burst.

Now all has cleared up, and game has gone, it is possible to tell, in the opened. Russia exposes on tender tests the Instant - 35, the USA - F - 16 and F/ A - 18, France - “ Rafal “ Sweden - “ Grippen “. Besides, for a victory will fight all-European “ evrofajter “. So “ air fights “ the serious are coming.

the Instant - 35 practically under the basic characteristics has advantages before contenders. Unlike the western competitors RSK the Instant offers actually open board which is completed at will of the customer. For example, the engine can be classical, and can have a rejected vector of draught. Such approach has been tested for the first time on a heavy fighter of the Sou - 30جتب and completely itself has justified.

However even the Instant - concedes 35 nothing in a base complete set neither American, nor to the European cars. On a fighter there is a fine avionics of the latest generation, it has the best among fighters of the class a radar. Also it is capable to amaze any air, land and sea purposes.

As tender conditions suppose that the part of fighters should be made at the enterprises of Indian corporation HAL, here again at our plane advantage. Indians let out under the licence the Instant - 27 so technologically to be adjusted on manufacture the Instant - 35 problems will not make.

not casually head “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Sergey Chemezov repeatedly declared that competitive positions the Instant - 35 are very strong also it does not doubt almost a victory.

With military - the technical point of view our plane is most likely really very good. However in the civilised market of the weapon, strangely enough, no means always wins the strongest. On the end results, especially large transactions, influence set of factors. One of them - moods in a society.

According to our sources in India, competitors of Russia have put up considerable money in the most various PR - actions. Their purpose more than is clear: to present the Instant - 35 car of yesterday, such flying scrap metal which artful Russian try vsuchit to naive Hindus. And, on the contrary, to show the western fighters as centre of the highest technologies of the future which will sharply strengthen fighting power of the Air Forces and will lift industrial level of corporation HAL.

It is necessary to consider that in India the present civil society which moods really influence acceptance of those or other political decisions for a long time is constructed. And these moods if to speak about the tender of warplanes, are now in a point of the maximum instability, alas, being more and more declined not in our party.

Time still is, and if corresponding structures “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Leave hibernation and will pay worthy attention PR - to maintenance of advancement the Instant - 35 to India a victory it will be exact for us.