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In the main winners of the Venetian film festival designate Joe Right`s drama Expiation

On island Lido started 64 - j the Venetian film festival.

the drama of Joe Right Shown at opening Expiation straight away designate not only in the main winners of Mostry, but also in applicants on Oscar . For this purpose there are some bases.

At first sight, it is a melodrama about costs of a sexual growing. Jealous 13 - summer girl Brajoni everything that saw, perceived after the own fashion, has accused the young man of the crime not made by it, has broken life to it and its favourite, and then, becoming absolutely big, has written about these broken lives the novel where has returned to heroes the happiness selected at them. Art force of a picture see volume as the plot is constructed. In its design there is something from Rasemona : At first we see a scene eyes of eternally beetle-browed Brajoni, and then all repeats again - already how has occurred in a reality. The phantom generated by beetle-browed imagination, - and its decoding: reception is carried out with remarkable accuracy. It is clear, it does not confuse a situation as happens in many films (in particular, in ours the Separation which too will show in Venice), and informs a plot dramatic nature. The director underlined on a press - conferences that its film - a chain of illusions of which in consciousness of the spectator there is an integral picture of a plot and characters. It managed to create almost perfect balance between a subjective view and an objective truth. A picture - how cruelly our errors respond in life.

the Loving couple Kejra Najtli (" have played; Pirates of Caribbean sea ) and James Makevoj ( Chronicles of Narnii ) . The role of Brajoni is charged three actresses: 13 - the summer girl was embodied by Irish Saoirs Noman, then relay race was picked up by Romola Garai ( angel ), and has finished it 70 - summer Vanessa Redgrejv. And again - taki admires skill of the director who has ideally kept both external, and internal unity of an image. Picture action, having begun in 1935 - m, passes through on a substantial scale shown events of the Second World War and comes to an end on a XXI-st century threshold. The film does not hide stylistic affinity to such family to epopees, as Carried away by a wind or the English patient : in it prefer passions strong and opened, and music not simply accompanies action, but also creates its emotional mnogoslojnost.