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Today in Moscow opens 173 - aja underground station - Trumpet

Today   in Moscow the new metro station " will open; Trumpet located on the Lublin line.  

It is   between the stations even closed for passengers Sretensky parkway and Dostoevsky so while the nearest stop - Chkalovsky .

the Lobby of new station settles down under the Trumpet area, in the beginning of Color parkway. From it will be three exits: from transition directly on parkway, directly to a monument to the lost employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and on either side of parkway - these two ladders, by the way, will cover with transparent pavilions.

the Architectural decision Trumpet has much in common with the next transfer station - Color parkway . The Project head and that, and other station - Vladimir Filippov. In either case the premise design represents three naves, divided by columns. trumpet will be light and elegant. Its walls, portals and eaves are revetted by plates of light marble of a warm shade, and a column, an insert between portals and inserts on walls - is dark - green marble. The floor is finished by the polished granite plates grey, is dark - green and black colour which form the geometrical drawing repeating a rhythm of portals. At the expense of luminescent illumination central and lateral halls (fixtures are hidden behind eaves) and the arch on which are established vodozashchitno - decorative umbrellas from white fibreglass, the station has quite celebratory appearance. Special colour to an interior is given by eighteen decorative fixtures in modernist style with metal arms openwork kovki. For convenience of passengers between columns benches are placed.