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In Zauralye dispute concerning signs on parent glory

Committee on social policy of a regional thought has inflamed has scarified the bill About the distinction of the Kurgan region Parent glory also has sent it on completion.

the Bill has been submitted for consideration parliament by the governor and pursued the good aim - to support mothers having many children not only morally, but also is material. It was supposed that the distinction Parent glory will have three degrees. The highest - the first - will hand over to mothers of ten and more children with payment of a lump sum at a rate of 100 thousand roubles. The second degree and 50 thousand will be received by the women who have adequately brought up seven, eight or nine children, and the distinction of the third degree and 25 thousand roubles - mothers of five or six children.

Deputies have seen in the bill a strong likeness with the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from August, 18th, 1944 and have considered that duplication of separate positions does not answer a spirit of the age. Exhausted by fighting losses during war the country needed urgent replenishment of a genofund in this connection was born in the summer 1944 go the Decree about an honorary title Mother the heroine . Today in Russia too demographic crisis, and all the same these two epoch, according to deputies, it is impossible to compare.

- the lath on birth rate of children is too highly lifted, - deputy Vladimir Sazhin has stated the point of view. - Anybody, of course, does not forbid to have many children. But after all it is necessary not only to give birth to them, but still adequately to bring up that, unfortunately, not always and not at all it turns out. In my opinion, it is better to have a normal, healthy family with three, five children, than narozhat ten children and to live in penury, as quite often we observe it in socially unsuccessful families.

- I Suggest to clean in general all these degrees, - Valery Dupljakin has supported the colleague. - the Woman who given birth and has brought up five children, is already worthy that to it during lifetime a monument have put.

the Big objections were against the distinction Parent glory it is necessary to hand over to the woman at achievement by last child of age of three years and at presence in live other children, except for some cases. Namely: The sign is handed over, if children were lost or were missing at protection of the Russian Federation, at execution of other duties of military service, duties on law and order protection, at rescue of human life, as a result of acts of nature, acts of terrorism, and also died owing to wound, a contusion, a mutilation or illness. As a matter of fact, developers of the bill have divided children not only on live and dead, but also into degrees heroism the same as also their mothers. If the son was lost at execution mother will receive, for example, 50 thousand. And if the teenager from a large family in 12 years was brought down by the drunk driver it is necessary nothing to his mother. Like also did not give birth. The deputy Natalia Palshina has suggested to clean absolutely from the bill point where it is told about presence in live other children and to stop only on rewarding of mothers by the distinction at achievement by last child of age of three years. Thus, the bill recommended to committee to acceptance at once in two readings, is sent on completion.


Natalia Palshina, the committee-man on social policy of the Kurgan regional thought:

- if to encourage so to encourage so that it was notable. What is 25 thousand roubles for five or six children? It is not enough. Here if for each child on 25 thousand - another matter, 125 thousand - appreciable support. If the family has brought up eight or nine children, it is necessary to allocate on 40 thousand for each child.

Dyomin`s Belief, the first deputy of the chief of Central administrative board of social protection of the population of the Kurgan region:

- I Want to underline that it is a question of additional measures of social support of mothers having many children. The offered bill is directed on increase of the social status of motherhood, support of education of children in a family with high moral and a civic stand. The basis for rewarding by the distinction Parent glory the fact of a birth of children, and their worthy education is not. This sign the woman who has adopted of several children can be awarded also.

the Inquiry

lives 330 mothers having many children who have given birth In the Kurgan region, have adopted or five and more children have accepted on education. Including 289 women have 5 - 6 children, 38 - 7 - 9, three women - more than 10 children. The majority of women is carried out honesty by the duties on education of children and encouragements with the distinction " are worthy; Parent glory . In the budget for 2008 on these purposes it is already provided 7,5 million roubles.