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The unprecedented decision of the South Ural court: results of elections of the head of area

court of Sosnovsky area are cancelled Yesterday has satisfied the statement of the deputy of Legislative Assembly of area of Dmitry Meshkova for a recognition void the results of elections of the regional head which have taken place on October, 8th, 2006. A verdict have announced in 11 o`clock in the morning, and the decision of judges became a full surprise for interested persons - operating Sosnovsky head Vladimir Kotova and regional election committee.

Dmitry Meshkov was one of candidates on a post of the head of Sosnovsky area on last year`s elections. To the contender, present head Vladimir Kotovu, it has conceded with a difference of only 116 voices. The third candidate, Vladimir Filichkin, in February, 2007 has demanded through court to recognise results of voting void. According to Filichkina, and during preparation for elections, and at counting of votes from Vladimir Kotova then the head of area fulfilling duty, numerous infringements have been admitted. But to Vladimir Filichkinu satisfaction of its requirements have refused. A cause of a failure: the difference following the results of elections between it and Kotovym was too essential. Filichkin has typed hardly more than one percent of votes, and fulfilling duties of chapter 43,69 of percent.

In the middle of September of this year with the statement for a recognition of elections void in district court Dmitry Meshkov has addressed - its statement have accepted. Bags on elections has received 43,09 percent of votes of voters. In process it has been heard more than six tens witnesses which have told and about pressure from administration, and that voters were offered by money if they vote for fulfilling duties of head. That fact was considered also that on one of sites where by the winner has been recognised Cats, the majority of bulletins have appeared spoilt.

- I will not begin yet especially make comments on a judgement, I will tell only that is glad, - justice has triumphed, - Dmitry Meshkov has declared. - but it is necessary, that the judgement has come into force. Besides, interested persons for certain will submit the cassation to regional court.

On the intention to submit the appeal yesterday have informed both interested persons - and the head of area Vladimir Kotov, and the chairman of regional election committee Tatyana Timchenko.

- I fairly held an election and fairly them have won, - head considers sosnovsky. - the district court decision simply absurdity. I hope that the regional court will make the correct decision.

- the Documents presented by the party of Dmitry Meshkova, are absolutely identical to that Vladimir Filichkin has presented, - Tatyana Timchenko believes. - So, behind all to these there is one command. Why the court has refused to Filichkinu and has satisfied claim requirements of Meshkova?

So has coincided that on the eve of session on one of local TV channels the documentary film about Vladimir Kotove - devoted to year of its work on a post of the selected head has been shown. It was said that in area much has changed for the better. And really - sosnovtsy are in the lead among rural territories by quantity of square metres of entered habitation. In territory of area many the profitable agricultural and processing enterprises, are constructed important social objects. However from the regional authorities to Vladimir Kotovu there are claims - the governor stated time and again discontent with rates of gasification of area. Besides, in August area checked kontrolno - Audit Chamber. Check results are not published yet, but it is already known that results not the best. In other words, Vladimir Kotova`s figure is rather ambiguous. However to these in the Chelyabinsk area any of courts have been never call into question results of elections of the head of municipal union.

the Selected operating heads left the post only in the event that became figurants of criminal cases. In 1997 the worker, won elections of mayor Bakala of Satkinsky area, in two weeks after promulgation of results of voting has refused to come to work in the mayoralty, recognising, what not in forces to cope with the duties assigned to it. But the precedent created yesterday by court of Sosnovsky area, in Southern Ural Mountains yet was not.

the Comment

Andrey Kosilov, the first vitse - the governor of the Chelyabinsk area:

- the Court has refused practically the similar claim to mister Filichkinu, despite thousand facts and hundred witnesses which within a year have been heard on process. Mister Kotov considers the decision of district court illegal and will challenge it in regional court. It is convinced that the regional court will state the decision of a regional Themis a legal estimation, and law enforcement bodies will try to establish the price of this question - we for today do not exclude such variant. Because such decisions it is simple so do not occur. Year assorted - have found nothing, the Office of Public Prosecutor was protive Nevertheless the claim of Filichkina did not recognise, and with the claim of Meshkova have agreed. And on that site where there was an obvious advantage at Kotova. I think, attempts to reanimate the disputable situation which has developed one year ago speak about one - certain misters aspire to supervise a situation not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in Sosnovsky area. I am convinced that it at them will not turn out...