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The governor of Moscow suburbs Boris Gromov has addressed to Victor Zubkov with offers on stabilisation of the prices for products

On hand there was a letter of the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromova with which he has addressed to the prime minister - to the minister of Russia Victor Zubkov. In this letter of Thunders suggests to accept a series of measures for stabilisation of the prices for the products entering into a consumer`s basket, and also for social protection of the lower-income strata most suffered from a rise in price of the foodstuffs.

What it is measures?

- to Suspend or as much as possible to limit the further export grain of Russia through an establishment of high export duties (30 - 50 %);

- it is urgent - not later than October of this year, to carry out commodity intervention of grain in home market;

- to pass the federal law on food safety which will establish the mechanism of stimulation of the Russian manufacturer and a series of measures on replacement of the import goods by the domestic;

- to establish quotas for the trading organisations, defining the minimum assortment of the goods made in territory of the Russian Federation;

- to take urgent measures on social security of lower-income strata, as the most suffering from a rise in prices for foodstuff, with attraction of means from the federal budget and local budgets;

- to create in system of federal executive powers of the power structure which directly would deal with problems of the consumer market and services.

However, the government of Moscow Region is not idle pending while will take measures from above, and itself as works over stabilisation of the prices. As informs Thunders, in June in Moscow Region grain intervention in which course all stock of regional reserve fund in number of 30 thousand tons has been sold to the flour-grinding enterprises has been spent. It has allowed to stabilise a rise in prices for bread for inhabitants of Moscow suburbs.

regularly regional government checks and as obligations under the concluded tripartite agreements in which limiting rate of increase of the prices for products from a consumer`s basket at a rate of 7,5 percent a year is established are executed. These agreements consist between the regional ministry of the consumer market and services, heads of municipal unions and trading organisations.

operative groups which structure includes representatives of enforcement authorities of area, managements of Rospotrebnadzora, management of Federal antimonopoly service on the city of Moscow and Moscow suburbs and the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region which reveal unreasonably inflated prices Are created and take measures on prevention of price arrangement.

Besides it the power of Moscow Region undertake concrete measures on increase of level of incomes of inhabitants of area. For this purpose, in particular, since October, 1st surcharges to pensions to needy citizens to size of a living wage which now makes in area for pensioners 3064 roubles are carried out. Before these surcharges it was planned to start to pay since January, 1st, 2008. In October to pensioners single payment - at a rate of 500 roubles is made.

Besides, since June the minimum salary of state employees which has reached level not less than 6 thousand roubles a month is raised.