Rus News Journal

In a colony where teenagers suited disorders, have returned prisoners

the Director of Federal Agency of execution of punishments of the Russian Federation Yury Kalinin has informed that is investigatory - the operative group has opened murder of the captain of internal service of Anatoly Zavyalov.

we Will remind, the officer was lost during disorders in the Ural colony for teenagers. At once two hundred prisoners tried to break through an obstacle and when it has not turned out, have started to smash a colony. The captain was the orderly officer and, as a matter of fact, remained in a colony for the senior at night.

- it also left to crowd, - have told to the correspondent in Federal Agency of execution of punishments. Is its duty. It was unarmed: in a zone it is impossible to carry by the weapon, it is the law.

the Officer tried to calm crowd, but on it have snatched with fists. Someone beat, someone stood apart and shouted. Now the most zealous will punish.

- Operatively - the investigation team with participation of employees FSIN has established the murderer of captain Zavyalov. In the interests of the investigation his name is not disclosed, - inform in prison department. - now, after sobering up, pupils are not so glad to that happens. They obviously regret. Suspected of murder of captain Zavyalov has come cap in hand. It is established that the captain did to it some times remarks - and the pupil has nursed a grievance. The consequence understands event details.

Besides, to one of employees of a colony during disorders have shattered a hand, and yesterday to it have performed operation. And yesterday jailers have started to return condemned in a colony. Right after disorders of all have translated in pre-trial detention centres of Ekaterinburg. The destroyed zone stood the empty. In the first party vozvrashchentsev, and it approximately 60 - 70 persons, have got the quietest and nadezhdye. After all to revolt were connected not all.

- Many condemned tried to prevent revolting, some of them have hidden women - employees of a colony, than have rescued them from rape, and is possible, and from death, - tell in prison department. - during these events in a dining room the night shift made a breakfast and there was still a girl - the operator which sat at a control panel. To rescue women, prisoners have deduced them and have transferred administrations. The question on encouragement of the most adequately proved prisoners is now considered. About their noble acts will write down in a private affair. Concerning a great number of pupils removal of the collectings imposed on them, and it also direct road to conditional - to an early release is provided. Some prisoners will award smaller encouragements - for example, will resolve additional appointments.