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eks - the prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto has returned to the country and a policy

Benazir Bhutto has arrived to city airport Dubai. The former prime minister of Pakistan has taken off home - with such reports of information in the morning on Thursday all tape of the international news dazzled. Yesterday eks - the head of the government has returned home after eight-year voluntary emigration.

At the airport of Karachi and on all transit of its train to a tomb of the founder of modern Pakistan of Mohammed Ali Dzhinny, and then to the house of the popular politician enthusiastically welcomed ten thousand its supporters from the Pakistan people party. They swung three-coloured - is red - is green - black party flags, bore its portraits and scanned toasts in its honour.

Observers notice that similar explosion of enthusiasm brings essential revival in dried up, as a stream in desert, internal political life of the country.

Supporters of president Perveza Musharrafa re-elected for new five years` term from Incorporated national movement did not interfere with so rough expression of feelings from admirers of Bhutto. The order and safety in an extreme mode provided 20 thousand policemen, and itself 54 - summer Benazir moved with the turtle speed among exulting crowd on car specially protected from a possible attack. As the basis for so strict measures of safety threats of the leader of the Pakistan Talibs of Bejtully Masuda to send several bombistov - suicides for fulfilment of attempt at Bhutto have served.

before a departure home from Dubai Benazir which have got education in Oxford, has declared that its country endures the historical moment and costs at the crossroads: or it will move towards democracy, or towards dictatorship. Returning in a policy of so popular figure will undoubtedly change an alignment of forces on the Pakistan arena. It became possible after the compromise reached between it and Pervezom Musharrafom promptly losing popularity. In exchange for support of its re-election for a post of the president charges in corruption have been dismissed from party Bhutto from it, from - for which she and has left the country eight years ago.

it is not excluded that in case of rather probable victory of party Bhutto on parliamentary elections coming in December Benazir becomes already in the third time of premieres - the minister and will be compelled to work in a tandem with president Musharrafom. That ostensibly promised to share with it a number of the powers and to remove from itself(himself) a general uniform.

Thus Bhutto should be crossed through the rather strong antipathy to the Pakistan military men who have shot her father, were the prime minister - minister Zulfikara Ali Bhutto in 1979. Creations of a tandem of Musharraf - Bhutto persistently achieves Washington. The USA aspire to unite the strong person The president - general Musharrafa on whom they already stake for a long time, and liberally adjusted and rather popular prime minister Bhutto in struggle against Islamic threat.


Benazir Bhutto in the homeland wait not only roses, but also thorns. Behind it the loop of charges in corruption lasts, from - for which to it twice in 1988 - the m and was necessary to leave 1996 the power. Judicial bodies in Spain and Switzerland continue to conduct slow investigation in this respect. Besides, many pakistantsy are sceptical about its promises to achieve democracy, progress and prosperity. All previous governments which she headed, were rather inefficient.