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For capital libraries has begun “ Renaissance “

In 1986 in Moscow was 3586 “ the culture and education centres “ - so it is proud earlier libraries were called. To the beginning of their this century remains hardly more than five hundred.

the Reasons of so mass  destruction of libraries are banal. Them liquidated in connection with privatisation and resale of buildings, from - for a lack of means for purchase of book novelties, from - for mass flight of librarians from the beggarly salary... Today in capital 546 libraries of federal, city and departmental submission operate. “ “ has decided to find out, how they live.

To spite of stereotypes

Regional library on Budajsky journey - one of what managed to escape at the time of reorganisation. In the neighbourhood, on Mira prospectus, flies the triumphing poster: “ to Mira prospectus 50 years “. Library N 90 - the coeval of the prospectus.

Today on its place most likely would place any shop or salon. But half a century ago desire to live in new apartment and thirst to reading went a foot to a foot. The location - the apartment house ground floor. From here and usual everyday problems: the big stain on a ceiling - has filled in the neighbour from above. Well, has watered not on books, and into place where librarians sit. And book workers - people, life tempered.

Traditionally there is a stereotype of perception of the representative of the given trade: first of all it, of course, not the librarian, but the librarian - a grey old mouse. But the validity denies stereotypes.

In library N of 90 darlings nice collective, with taste of the dressed people - completely not unisex and not aged. The director just cunningly in the decree. “ on an economy “ there were three librarians: Galina Viktorovna Shalunova (20 with superfluous years of the library experience), Petruhina Elena Nikolaevna (the graduate of teacher`s college of this year) and Evgenie Olegovich Shatsky (works in library after the institute termination three years).

Needless to say that all of them are fans of the business. And how differently at such salary? Several years ago the employee “ the culture centre “ received no more than three thousand roubles a month. Today the salary though has grown in times - from 6 to 13 thousand “ dirty “ - all the same not the highest in capital. And willingly you believe words of librarians that they on work not “ money earns “ and live.

When I have asked Evgenie Olegovicha, meanwhile the person single, and that if the future wife will tell supposedly the salary small, leave the temple of wisdom, the young librarian, without reflecting, has answered: “ And what for to me such wife? “

At such workers and the reader well matched - as “ the proof tin tell-tale “. Even in the hard times 90 - h the library never was empty. And today also has at all begun “ Renaissance “. By estimates of Galina Shalunovoj, about five years ago in library on Budajsky daily looked 90 - 95 persons. And now the account far passes for one hundred. Especially in the autumn and in the winter.

- the Love to reading began to revive. It is already obvious. Sberknizhki could not replace to people of books. On - former the spiritual food is necessary to us. But has put at all in the quantity which has increased today of visitors, Galina Viktorovna speaks, - the reader became much “ more qualitatively “. People have ceased to spoil books, to tear, pages to pull out, write on fields the thoughts.

the Turn for Pasternak

In Moscow exists more than hundred specialised libraries on all reader`s tastes and requirements: Nurseries, musical, agricultural, scientific, foreign, patent, technical, Synod... Regional are calculated for the mass reader. Therefore 90 it is possible to find books in library N on all branches of knowledge: for the aid to schoolboys, students, pensioners - the book fund totals 62 thousand multipage units. Is what to esteem. And all the same, the main event here - “ monthly receipts “.

In day when new books, in library the notice come. Novelties assort as hot pies. For slow it was necessary even to remember well forgotten old - record magazine on turn! Who did not manage the book, register and wait for the hour of triumph.

On pages of this magazine - history of reader`s demand. Still recently long lists of surnames lasted under names “ da Vinci Code “ and “ the Perfumer “. Now thirst to read last to Marinin and Ulitsky, Pavel Sanaeva “ Bury me behind a plinth “ and Dmitry Bykova`s book about Pasternak.

Reader`s predilections are boundless today. On - former we will start singing read detectives, a fantasy, nauchpop. Muscovites are attracted with travel (the latest book of Konjuhova snatch each other out of hands).

the love to poetry and thick magazines Comes back. Though “ luster “ and magazines for gardeners on popularity do not concede to them. The general reader`s tendency: has bothered “ a dirt “ it would be desirable “ something light, eternal “. The classics has well gone: Kuprin, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Remarque, Hemingway... And here svezheizdannye Michael Zoshchenko, Vasily Aksenova, Nekrasov`s small volumes, political science for students why - that have lain too long on a regiment during last analysis...

Chitalno - a singing hall

Conversations on fast death of traditional libraries during the Internet epoch are obviously premature. The computer yet to everyone on a pocket. However, as well as books. The same small volume about Pasternak, for example, will manage depending on shop from 450 to 600 roubles. Whether it is more convenient and to come into library more cheaply?

However, in “ rajonku “ go not only esteem. But also to talk, both to sing, and to recover the breath from modern haste, in general - to communicate, that, it is necessary to admit, on the Internet is high-grade to make nevertheless it will not turn out.

Directly in a reading room are arranged kapustniki, romances warm up. Therefore indispensable attribute of a local reading room - the piano.

Neighbours from the top floors have already got used that from library windows amicably rattles Mitjaevsky “ As it is healthy that all of us here have gathered today... “. It is a favourite song of local readers - enthusiasts.

By the way

Libraries become cleverer

the Future opens before libraries light prospects. The government of Moscow promises that is fast them is universal equip with the technics allowing readers to return the book independently during any time convenient for them, and the main thing - preventing theft. Deputies of Gordumy have already approved the project “ Clever library “ the including free Internet, the electronic catalogue and even tracking cameras for struggle against book pilferers.

It is supposed also that the reader on an input in a book temple will be met by doors - controllers. Their problem - to consider all entering - leaving. These electronic watchmen will mark and the carried away book on a label with the built in microchip.

By the way, on the same label the librarian can easily find the necessary book on a regiment by means of the special device.

In some Moscow libraries already there are also such innovations, as the Internet for blind, a karaoke, a corner of the music fan where it is possible to listen to music, and even points for rent for those who has forgotten them.

the FILE

In Moscow functions 546 libraries of federal, city and departmental submission, including 5 library information collectors.

the Total area of premises of libraries of Moscow makes 266,087 thousand sq. metres.

In capital libraries work more than 5 thousand persons. To them annually address 17,5 million person.

the Cumulative fund of the Moscow public libraries exceeds 26 million volumes.