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Russian national team has appeared two steps away from Euro

On the eve of a match with England very few people in Russia trusted in a victory. Fears that we will not see our command among finalists of Euro - 2008, have amplified in the first time of a match in Luzniki . 0:1 after Wayne Runi`s blow on 29 - j to minute - and faded game of Russians, as if undeceived in itself...

in a break Guus Hiddink has asked football players to even up scores. the main thing - score a goal, and further you will understand, at the expense of what it is possible to win . And the national team has heard the trainer. In the second time in the field there was new, full of strength and optimism a command. Perhaps, lucky Guus has guessed with replacements. Instead of Vasily Berezutsky and Alexander Kerzhakova have been in the field let out Dmitry Torbinsky and Roman Pavluchenko. They also have made game. For four minutes of Rum - a goal, the best sniper of the Russian championship - 2006, has hammered in two balls: on 69 - j to minute - from a penalty, and then - on 73 - j from game.

We did not see for a long time our national team such combative, on - good impudent and inspired.

Really wizard Hiddink all - taki has made the good deed? It seems that yes. After such game of a victory in Israel and Andorra look quite real, and our fans already should reflect on booking of tickets for stadiums of Austria and Switzerland.

Videorecording from a match

Guus Hiddink, the head coach of Russian national team:

- I am proud of children, it is a creative command, and today this creativity was identified with efficiency. Game has gone right to us, especially in the tactical plan. At Russia very young national team, and at its players is not enough experience. But I know precisely that Englishmen do not like to play under pressure. And our command has embodied all tactical ideas in a reality. I have told to children that they have understood a simple thing: any command cannot constantly be protected. At England very strong defenders, but also they not perfection. Me have heard.

Still we were very much helped by public. And players had enough psychological stability to recoup in struggle against very skilled command. We have overcome more than halfway. Now it is necessary to focus attention to Israel not to stumble on last step... Very much it would not would be desirable it.

Steve Maklaren, the head coach of English national team:

- the Victory was in our hands, in our consciousness, but from - for the judge we unexpectedly all have lost. I just in a locker room looked repetition of that episode. Also I can swear that infringement was penal to limits. It is a shame for all judicial brigade. We looked in the field rather confidently, played how planned. Having scored a goal, competently defended. At Russian, by and large, it turned out nothing. But this decided by a penalty simply has broken game. I do not have claims to one of the football players which all efforts without the rest have directed for achievement of positive result. Now we should rely on Israel, but we do not leave hope to get for Euro - 2008. This defeat has not broken us.

Konstantin Zyryanov, the halfback of Russian national team:

- We played all match aggressively. And I would not tell that Englishmen had advantage. Simply in the first time they have scored a goal, and we did not realise the moments. And a penalty was pure. I have received a pass from Arshavina and have run in a bonded area. Did not think that me will touch, but on me have hooked. Also was silly to stand on the feet, especially in the penal area. Pavljuchenko should not beat a penalty, but, probably, he felt more confidently. And last minutes was strashnovato. We have a bad habit to pass last minutes. This time all has ended well. Though struggle is not finished yet. The most important thing - that we have presented to people a holiday.


the Main output of the past on the eve of Euro elimination matches - 2008 became that for two rounds till the end of tournament the right to act in a final part was guaranteed to themselves by Greek national teams, Czechia and Romania which have joined owners of the championship of Austria and Switzerland, and also Germany.

Besides, in the last matches the record - the leader of French national team of Terri Anri has been established, having issued within a minute a double in a match from modular Lithuania (2:0), has broken Michel Platini`s record. Earlier bombardirsky a record in numbers three-coloured - 41 goal - belonged to the present president of UEFA. Now achievement belongs to the forward Barcelonas - 43 goals for a national team.

the Euro Qualifying tournament - 2008. Group E

Position of commands for October, 19th

    And   In N P


  Croatia   10   8   2   0   25 - 4   26
  England   11   7   2   2   22 - 4   23
  Russia   10   6   3   1   16 - 5   21
  Israel   10   5   2   3   17 - 11   17
  Macedonia   10   3   2   5   10 - 11   11
  Estonia   11   1   1   9   3 - 21   4
  Andorra   10   0   0   10   2 - 39   0


Group And

Kazakhstan - Portugal - 1:2
Azerbaijan - Serbia - 1:6

Group B

France - Lithuania - 2:0
Georgia - Scotland - 2:0
Ukraine - Faeroes - 5:0

Group C

Malta - Moldova - 2:3
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Norway - 0:2
Turkey - Greece - 0:1

Group D

Ireland - Cyprus - 1:1
the Dignity - Marino - the Wales - 1:2
Germany - Czechia - 0:3

Group F

Sweden - Northern Ireland - 1:1
Liechtenstein - Iceland - 3:0
Denmark - Latvia - 3:1

Group G

Luxembourg - Romania - 0:2
Holland - Slovenia - 2:0
Albania - Bulgaria - 1:1


comments of readers of a site  

- There is a good football saying - the Account - on a board . The Russian football players abroad not once or twice faced and the biassed, prejudiced both frankly not qualified refereeing, and heavy weather conditions, and with rough, dirty game of contenders. And conversation with us always was one - the account - on a board . It is necessary to win so that doubts in the superiority of the winner were not. Clear superiority of an English team, unequivocally, in this match was not. It is a shame with Steve Maklarena, for its unsportsmanlike behaviour. And a field it is necessary to refuse the judge before game, instead of after. It is assured, if in such situation of a penalty would appoint in gate of the Russian national team, claims to the judge at it would not be.  

  Kotenko D. A, the champion of Russia on sailing races of 2004