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France can cancel a visa regime with Russia

Deputy Terri Martiani - the author of the sensational amendment to the law on the immigration offering introduction of the test of DNA at reunion of families of immigrants, has acted with the new initiative.

At session of the commission on the legislation in which the minister of affairs of immigration, integration and national identification of Bris Ortefyo participated, he has suggested to cancel visas to citizens of Russia and the republic of South Africa. Answering a question why these two countries are chosen, Martiani has explained:

- Both in Russia, and in the republic of South Africa practice shows that in 95 percent of cases from 100 all citizens requesting and receiving visas return home. If to consider that annually the account of inquiries about visa reception goes on hundred thousand it is possible to present, what titanic work the consulate in Russia should carry out. And all it almost a monkey business.

I, by the way, met recently the consul in Russia, and that has told that procedure of reception of visas has been simplified. But also in it by and large there is no sense when we see that the Russian citizens do not abuse trust.

Besides, there is a second important point. Soon France, as well as all Europe, will pass to biometric system of documents. And how we will take in this case fingerprints from inhabitants, say, Novosibirsk or Vladivostok?

RG: As has reacted to your offers of Bris Ortefyo?

Martiani: He has agreed with many presented arguments.

RG: This problem rose time and again the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. What chances, what this time the situation will move off dead centre?

Martiani: Now we are in a stage of discussion of this question. It already progress. As earlier this theme simply did not rise. Now it is opened. Besides, in National assembly I am responsible for the immigration legislation and from its part I will use the best efforts that this, for a long time the designated problem at last has obtained the permit.

it is necessary to add that besides deputy powers and duties, Terri Martiani in party the Union in support of national movement is responsible for development of international communications.