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The flu will come on New Year`s Eve

Yesterday head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko has held selector meeting on population immunization.

Such conversation is especially actual, as we have entered an aggravation season prostudnyh diseases, a flu first of all. However, yesterday the flu was not a unique subject of conversation with regions. V.Ved`s hepatitis a chronic hepatitis at first predominated In occupies 10 - e a place in the world in the list of causes of death. Every year it carries away 1,2 million lives.

At selector meeting concrete addresses, concrete percent were called. Percent of optimism did not cause. Depending on terms of receipt of a vaccine immunization of adults against a hepatitis In in some districts will be finished in the first quarter of the next year. Moreover, Joint-Stock Company medintorg has broken terms of delivery for immunization of children. Therefore medintorg it is brought in The black list unfair suppliers. And the vaccine is bought from other manufacturer and has arrived in all regions. However time has been missed.

But not only suppliers are guilty in failure of terms of vaccination. So, to the Kaluga region in July 100 percent of a vaccine for adults are put. And still vaccination terms were broken. A similar situation in the Smolensk region, in Republic Kalmykia, in Nenets autonomous region.

All of us are afraid of a bird flu. We run even into a panic from one mention of it. And a panic only a hindrance to that it is necessary to make thrifty use every day and of own health, and to health of associates. The authorities in Blagoveshchensk have correctly arrived: with might and main spend inoculations against a flu. The first party of a vaccine grippol has arrived to Novosibirsk.

Under forecasts, the flu and in the majority of the Russian cities will come to Moscow under the Newest year and will last till the spring. Foretell that there will be it such slow. But from it not less dangerous, than always. Dangerous and in itself, and those complications which causes. That is why, again about inoculations - they a reliable barrier on an infection way. For immunization of the population from risk groups (children 3 - 6 years, schoolboys 1 - 11 classes, medical workers, workers of educational institutions, adult are more senior 60 years and others) this year delivery of 25,4 million doses of a vaccine which is capable to protect from this season flu is provided. For immunization at the expense of means of the federal budget vaccines of manufacture of Ufa branch FGUP NPO " are got; the Microgene . Daily is issued on 150 thousand doses grippola. From October, 11 till October, 31st it is planned to make almost 3 million doses. Now the vaccine arrives in federal districts.

And now I will allow one question to all who reads this note. You or your relatives entering into group of risk, have already inoculated against a flu? Hardly! Therefore as for October, 11th within the limits of the National project Health few of those who is subject to vaccination are imparted. Please, look, what weather behind a window: that a rain, snow, the sun through clouds. Chilly. Uncomfortably. It would be desirable to sleep. And to be ill? It would not be desirable to be ill to anybody and never. And the flu, together with ORZ, steals up. He promises to be only by New year? And so, that it has not spoilt this New year, inoculate now. And in vain there lives in you mistrust to a domestic vaccine. We not against the import: there is money, prefer it. Though - and it is proved by experts - grippol concedes nothing. And here ourselves can concede to a flu if we will refuse an inoculation. The yesterday`s selector meeting has ended with an appeal: to take measures for immunization end.