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Valery Vyzhutovich: Michael Saakashvili all - taki has benefited by the scandals shaking Georgia

The advantage from deafening scandals, shaking Georgia, its president all - taki has taken. From its words now it is clear, who has involved Iraklija Okruashvili and Badri Patarkatsishvili in “ plot “ against the Georgian authorities. It is Moscow. It is accused of support “ antistate activity “ which the former Minister of Defence and the businessman fanned by myths conduct. Both these of the character became suddenly live symbols of the Georgian opposition, have united it in a campaign against the power. And now in Saakashvili`s their person tries to compromise all political forces supporting change of a mode. “ this way well-known from Soviet period - to play an external card to justify internal disorders, - has declared the party leader “ the Way of Georgia “ the former Minister for Foreign Affairs Salomeja Zurabishvili. - Thereby they try to discredit, on the one hand, Badri for its financial support of opposition, and on the other hand, all opposition as that. I think, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to it “.

it is Too much attention, I would add, it is not necessary to turn and on exposing revelations of Okruashvili as it has already publicly renounced them. It is not necessary to try to find out seriously also, whether on own will and whether being in good health former minister at first has hurled at the president of charge in corruption and planning of political murders, and then has suddenly gone on popjatnyj. “ Knights of revolution “ struggling for its cleanliness “ ideals “ in Georgia is not present. Okruashvili is accused (and, probably, not without the bases) of not less grave crimes: having washed money, extortion, excess of powers... The to exposures he, most likely, tried to insure itself(himself) from criminal prosecution, and on a case of that to appear “ the prisoner of conscience “ a political victim of a mode. And it was possible to it. With his name on banners the Georgian opposition leaves today on streets.

Having brought down on the former colleague all power of the retaliatory car (that fact that the new hero of the Georgian epos is released from the prison on the security in 6 million dollars, business any more does not change), the president of Georgia has made a double mistake. In - the first, it has transformed Okruashvili into the great martyr. In - the second, has sown uncertainty in the ranks of present colleagues: now anybody from them cannot consider itself garantirovanno protected from possible prosecutions for the slightest withdrawal from “ a general line “. Here it is a high time to notice: the Georgian opposition rekrutiruetsja mainly from the former representatives of the power, when - that betrayed and true to the president. Salomeja Zurabishvili has created opposition party when with scandal has left a post of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And George Haindrava has started to criticise the power how has left from a post of the state minister on settlement of conflicts.

But business not only that for four years, the past after “ revolutions of roses “ the command of revolutionaries has considerably thinned that charismatic figures for various reasons (Zurab Zhvanija`s mysterious  destruction gives till now food for raznotolkov) have dropped out of it (for example, all same Okruashvili), capable to make a competition to the president. Image of the new Georgian power has changed. The young democrats who have replaced old bureaucracy who have wallowed in corruption, have appeared at all angels. And the main thing, have not managed to execute it is oath undertaken, major of which was - to unite the country. As a result have undergone to discredit not only revolution and those who created it. It has appeared all system of the power is discredited. The today`s slogan of opposition - “ Georgia without the president “ - it is directed not against Michael Saakashvili personally. For leaders acting under this slogan and street demonstrators of a personnel conducted by them any more have no value. The question is put absolutely considerably: to replace the form of government. Instead of presidential republic to found the parliamentary.

Political scandals in Georgia, seemingly, will cease not soon. The attention from them now is partly abstract by other event - though also seasonal, but invariably important for this country. In a heat - rtveli: vintage. Under forecasts minselhoza, it is necessary to collect 250 thousand tons - on 90 thousand tons more than last year. However loss of the Russian market from - for the embargo, till now not removed by Moscow, puts the Georgian wine makers before a question: what to do with such abundance? Georgia hardly can count on development of the European markets of alcohol. Returning to the market Russian if it when - nibud happens, will occur not lost-free: in the become empty niche of Georgian wines have resolutely directed Chilean, Bulgarian, Argentina... Whether

Georgian wine Can return to Russia? Wishing removal of sanctions, Tbilisi already avoids sharp statements on this theme. The political rhetoric has given way objective (it would be desirable to tell - sober) to an estimation of exported alcohol. But disputes on quality of Georgian wine - business the tenth. There are things more important. Russia does not pretend at all as if its relations with Georgia are spoilt exclusively by quality kahetinskogo, delivered on the Russian counter, and by increase of this quality can be reparable. To achieve the foreign policy purposes introduction of economic embargo - usual world practice. Moscow when - nibud will find time in general to talk to Tbilisi about flavouring properties “ TSinandali “ and “ Hvanchkary “. But, possibly, not earlier than a trunk-call feast on more important problems. Whether

new revolution Is possible in Georgia? For the country where for last fifteen years power change never passed in the constitutional mode and never did without shocks, this question remains actual. But search accurate and an unambiguous answer on it, I am afraid, result will not give. Without risk to run into guessings on a coffee thick it is possible to speak only about moods in different layers of the Georgian society. In one of recent business trips to Georgia I in the centre of Tbilisi talked to the street book seller. “ Vova “ - he named. “ Here, - has told, - I sell house library. And what to do, exist on something it is necessary “. At it strong Georgian accent. Though it Russian. All his life has passed in Georgia. When - that Vova held a post of the chief specialist in republican institute “ Hyprocommunication “. Now it the unemployed. Vova hotly welcomed coming to power of Zviada Gamsahurdija - and soon rejoiced to its overthrow not less. Then with enthusiasm has apprehended returning to Georgia Edward Shevardnadze - and in eleven years exulted, when “ the dictator “ has combined powers. After has believed in Michael Saakashvili as in the unique national saviour, stood in crowd on the area of Freedom and together with all scanned: “ Sakartvelos gaumardzhos! “ (“ Long live Georgia! “) and “ Kmara! “ (“ Down with! “) - and again feels disappointment.

If of whom it is necessary to be afraid most of all to present Georgian leaders so it is Vovas. Anybody so is not inclined here to mutinies and revolutions however the ordinary citizens who have believed of the power, again to be disappointed in it.