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The invalid the Pasha has shown to correspondents other Moscow

Moscow and for healthy - that of people is not so convenient. And for invalids and at all. Streets and underground transitions for them - obstacle courses, and the underground - an attraction pohleshche, than a roller coaster .

Correspondents were convinced of it, having spent some hours with the person in an invalid carriage.

to Show to us other Moscow the Pasha was caused. To it 31 year, he lives on suburb and often goes on a city - on meetings with friends, concerts and simply to take a walk. Each sortie for it is a risky adventure.

the Ferris wheel instead of the bus

So, the guy and two little girls - I and the press photographer - have gone to Tsaritsynsky park to take a walk. From Pashas we have met at its house. Has carried to the person: the lift wide, before an entrance - convenient descent. The grocery shop nearby, and instead of a ladder in it conducts a ramp. Work too nearby. And here on a city to go - it is completely not simple.

we have got To a trolley bus so: the Pasha, being tightened on hands, has reached a seat, and the passer-by has helped to drag a carriage. Without the constant help it would be impossible to consult! On a carriage it will not turn out - steps. Is nizkopolnye buses, but it is far not on all city routes.

it was even more difficult to Leave: while the Pasha sat down in a carriage, it has not swept nearly on a driving off trolley bus. The driver does not look in a rear-view mirror in general, without speaking about waiting, while you are unloaded from salon. But it still half-troubles. The trolley bus has stopped not where it is necessary, and directly on road - stoppers. To call in on sidewalk on a carriage it is impossible - a border high. So the pasha, silently using foul language, manoeuvred between the parked and going cars of kind fifty metres.

- Pash how you go - that? - We were surprised.

- Silently.

It is Pashin the standard answer to all questions about difficulties of his life. Also silently it went down in the underground: neither rails, nor special hand-rail on a long ladder were not. Where hanging on hands and where it is simple on all fours from a step on a step. A training apparatus on all groups of muscles instead of a ladder - mockery. But there is more to come: ahead there was one more deadly attraction - the escalator. It would accept the name Russian roulette : one incorrect movement - and you in a carriage fly downwards.

to Rise from the underground the young fellow has helped. To roll a carriage on a steep slope though and with rails, it you not babule a bag - the cart to incur. Therefore such fellows come across seldom.

the Carriage of the tsarina is more convenient

In Tsarina`s we have arrived where - that minutes through forty. But the Pasha has told that it of anything:

- I Went in Pushkino on a marathon - here it was far. Children were stunned, when me have seen, - has under the own steam arrived.

One moment: a carriage at the Pasha - not last peep of technics, and beaten life and in places the collapsing machine. That by it to go, it is necessary to have strong hands, differently hardly in a hill - and you slide back. But there are places where also strong hands will not help: the most part of ramps in a city so abrupt that on them it is possible to go into a carriage unless three together.

we have met one of such miracles in the Tsaritsynsky palace: to drive on a ramp it has turned out from the third attempt. It was really abruptly.

has still pleased Catherine II wheelchair. A magnificent three-wheeled thingummy with soft pillows.

- Here on such in the underground to sweep! Would pass at once, - the Pasha laughed.

Back we went by the bus. To go down at an o`clock peak in an underground the Pasha has flatly refused. In vain it is impossible to spend forces - tomorrow for work. Before saying goodbye, it again has surprised us:

- And in the summer I worked as the yard keeper.

- On a carriage? How?!

habitual Pashin the answer Has followed: Silently. You saw, across Moscow to go difficultly, work is closer to the house I search .

it is competent

Sergey Larin, the chief of department of adaptation of a city infrastructure of Department of social protection of the population of a city of Moscow:

- According to governmental order N 319 - software any object of building cannot be handed over without the inquiry of bodies of social protection of the population confirming its adaptations for needs of invalids. As to the old buildings which project does not provide, for example, the lift with wide doors here again we try to find a way out: the project according to which it is authorised to give out to invalids - koljasochnikam devices for movement on ladders and the second a wheelchair of the smaller size is prepared.

Nikolay Chigarentsev, the chairman of the Moscow city society of invalids:

- the Invalid in our city risks life every day. And not only the. For example, in the underground it is possible to go down only on the escalator which has been not adapted for carriages. As a result the person can fall itself and injure others. In some countries of Europe in the underground there are lifts, mums with carriages, and older persons use them also. Our underground for invalids is unsuitable.

Michael Antontsev, chairman Komisii of Moscow City Council on social policy and labour relations:

- At us in a city the law on additional support of invalids and malomobilnyh citizens operates, but also, there is a city program of adaptation of the city environment for invalids. Discussing the budget for 2008, the mayor has suggested to name the next year year of the invalid and, at last - that to adapt a city for their normal movement across Moscow.