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Galina Grigoriev: About Ivan Pyreva and Marina Ladyninoj`s love legends

this week the First channel till now go has shown a documentary film Marina Ladynina. From passion to hatred .


Studio Galakon which removes documentary tapes for the channel, has tried not to shock spectators sensational yellowness .

to Find in the history of relations of the well-known married couple - movie star Marina Ladyninoj and director Ivan Pyreva - new pages, business uneasy. It was many times discussed in mass-media, became a theme of documentary tapes. And all - taki to us have again retold a plot of this drama. To Marina Ladyninoj as to heroin of the documentary story has carried - the director, the co-author of the scenario and the producer of a film Galina Grigoriev has unbiassedly concerned the well-known actress, has understood and has accepted its character and acts, on - has female like to it sympathy.

I have lived with Marina 95 years of her life

: Not a secret that television channels demand, that in documentary tapes there was a certain share yellowness . As you carry out game conditions ?

Galina Grigoriev: We can be considered with it - they start with the data that interests spectators that will involve audience.

RG: Apparently, the film about Ladyninoj became long and carefully?

Grigoriev: Yes, about Marina Ladyninoj we did a picture two years. Three authors - a script writer were in this time replaced, but all something was not glued, the film turned out superficial. I have understood that the present portrait of the died person can be made only by means of witnesses, is close its knowing, or new established facts. We should to deform the biography of the actress, not to offend those who is live from its environment, and thus much to explain to spectators. It seems to me, I have lived with Marina all 95 years of her life so I am a lot of now I know about it. Though the loved one, unique son Andrey, has refused to give interview and in general to speak about mother. It has given us for a film some photo, video shots with Pyrevym who, by the way, are and in a Krasnogorsk film archive. Andrey Ivanovich often called and worried, that in a film of anything negative was not told about the father. Even threatened to bring an action against us. All it is clear, after all it since young years did not have good fellowship with mother.

RG: As there was in a film such rich biographic material?

Grigoriev: I managed to contact the person who has lived side by side with Marina Alekseevnoj last 15 years of her life. She is the distant relative of the actress Irina Sedenkova. She usually refuses all interviews, does not trust journalists. It does not recognise a family, she was accused many times that it had a self-interest, in general it applied for apartment in a skyscraper on Kotelnichesky quay. I know that it not so: Irina idolised Marina Alekseevnu, thanks to dialogue with it it became the film expert and now writes the book about Ladyninoj. And with apartment all has dared - it has got to the grandson. In extreme old age when uneasy character of the actress was aggravated with whims, Irina was at it, was with it in hospital chamber and held her by the hand to the last gasp. Ladynina has told, as in the next world she will remember a two - Pyreva and Irina. Without this woman, by the way, not wanted to build the private life, having left Marina, the film would not be. It is a pity that it is impossible to interview in a picture all Irinas Sedenkovoj. She said about Ladyninoj so much good that ourselves asked to find dark stains on its shape. Also have not persuaded, she does not want to remember the negative moments, person Ladyninoj was too large to be engaged in small pricks.

Has preferred to the compromise rupture with favourite

RG: At you in a film a certain comparison of two well-known cinema pairs - Ladyninoj and Pyreva, Orlovoj and Aleksandrova is spent. Than it is caused?

Grigoriev: Orlova never rose against the husband. At all of them conflicts if they were, remained under a carpet . Ladynina was too strong and free person to suffer and forgive. She has preferred to the compromise rupture with darling, refusal of the main business of life. It not each woman will manage. It seems to me that with work on the biography Ladyninoj to us helped from above. Because it was possible to find its letters to the husband, written to different years. They have opened much in their relations. It was the huge and sincere love. Marina wrote with such tenderness, care and caress when they left during war in evacuation or later, from - for shootings that becomes clear why violent Pyrev so appreciated their union. Vanja and the son - these two persons were present at all its thoughts in happy years of their life. It then not through her fault all has broken. But it could criticise the husband, demand to replace the role which have bothered to it of the ninny from the people. Marina was the woman formed, very sharp on language, its sharpnesses quoted in the cinema environment. She was not afraid and did not stand on ceremony and with the power though faced prosecution of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. These letters radiate magnetism of person Ladyninoj.

the dream has dreamt It that Ivan runs to it...

RG: Really any shade is not present on the portrait of a star of the Soviet cinema created by you?

Grigoriev: Marina was able to overcome the weaknesses, to be objective. She sincerely felt sorry for Lyudmila Marchenko who has caused rough passion of the elderly classic of direction. She said that such young actress does not understand, how it is dangerous to go against this person who can lift very highly, but can and destroy. From Pyreva it is valid those years all depended almost in a filmland. Marina too was amorous, but anybody equal to its Ivan has not met. There is one more plot: having left Pyrevym, Marina Alekseevna has started to be put to a bottle gradually. It seemed to it that so it will be easier, and even has got a small flask which carried with itself. But when hearings have gone that Ladynina drinks, it has at once left the habit and more never a flask touched.

RG: you are assured, what Ivan Pyrev wanted to return after rupture to the wife and was ready to renew relations?

Grigoriev: We give to spectators to solve, as events if Ladynina was not such unshakable could develop. I know one, she loved it to the death and thought of it constantly. The dream has dreamt it that Ivan runs to it and falls on knees, having stretched hands. She kisses these hands and releases it. Next day Marina has learnt that Pyreva did not become. Leaving, he, probably, asked from it pardons. We did a film about tragedy of the woman which has fallen in love with the person of such scale.


Sergey Ursuljak , the director, the author of one of cycle programs the Motley tape on the First channel, the devoted Marina Ladyninoj:

- This film is not close to me, because creative life of heroes is always interesting to me and only as a background - their personal history. Here accents are displaced: in the foreground private life by Ladyninoj and Pyreva, and only as a background - their creative destiny. Though essentially I want to note: it is much more pleasant to me to look in the evening about Pyreva and Ladyninu, than, for example, about Xenia Sobchak and Timati. Whether intonation of this story is pleasant to me is already a question flavouring.

Nikolay Svanidze , the historian, the TV presenter, the author of a film about Marina Ladyninoj, shown on channels Russia and Culture :

- As a whole the film has caused sympathy in me first of all absence of yellowness. I have got used to that similar films about known people who have died, beat on nerves. In them it is a lot of lie, vytjagivanija on the foreground of that immorally and obviously a lie. And here - I liked Marina Ladyninoj`s early photos. I them never saw before, did not know that it was so is good. Photos of her father were pleasant also - it is visible, in whom Ladynina such thoroughbred. So the film has turned out in a word - decent.