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Evgenie Gontmaher: to supervise the doctor, treatment standards

are necessary answering a question as next year maintenance of exempts with free medicines will be organised, the president has reminded that now regions will be engaged in it with support of federal money.

But people, the head of the state has underlined, should not feel this change-over .

About what there is a speech? That the patients sick so-called expensive pathologies (a hemophilia, a multiple sclerosis, gipofizarnyj nanizm, conditions after transplantation of bodies and some other lives of constant reception of very expensive medicines demanding for preservation), will receive medicines at the expense of means of the federal budget. In the budget for 2008 on it it is provided 33 mlrd roubles.

Medicines for all other participants of program DLO will be bought now at level of regions - there in the near future will pass auctions on selection of suppliers. About it division yesterday the president also spoke. And the people who have remained in the program, should receive the necessary medicines in time, without failures.

I Believe that in maintenance of the exempts who have remained under the authority of federal level, special problems will not arise. It is limited enough circle of patients - all of them are known by name, to make on them the federal register not difficult. Perhaps, the unique moment which needs to be thought over in advance, is a delivery of medicines in regions. On the one hand, it is a question of very expensive preparations - packing can cost some thousand dollars. With another - as it is a little such patients, it is necessary to deliver small parties, sometimes all on some packings. Probably, it is required to conclude contracts with local distributors, probably, to provide any other variants.

For an example: I had to search recently for very expensive vitamin preparation - when has found in the Internet a drugstore, has phoned and has ordered, to me with readiness have brought it directly on the house, and it is free. So, it is assured, it is possible to stimulate distributors so that it was favourable to them to deliver a medicine even in the remote settlements.

As to transfer usual exempts on regional level, here the situation is more difficult. Though for two years the exact database in regions is created, but someone left the program, someone has entered into it, it is necessary to verify this data once again. But the operating mechanism in regions is - both suppliers, and a chemist`s network, and the monitoring system from Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

Subventions to subjects of Federation are allocated, in regions money will leave. With budgeting the minister Tatyana Golikova, taking into account its experience in the Ministry of Finance, will consult out of any doubts. I think, and with debts farmpostavshchikam the ministry too will understand - anyway, Tatyana Golikovoj`s last statements about it inspire optimism.

But, perhaps, the most serious problem there is a legitimacy of medical appointments and an extract of preferential recipes, on what paid in due time attention still eks - Zurab`s minister. To supervise the doctor, treatment standards, including medicamentous (that appointed preparations strictly corresponded to the diagnosis of the patient that overdose and etc. was not supposed) are necessary But such standards at us while are not present, so, control over volumes and validity of an extract of recipes is complicated. And if we keep program DLO, to develop necessary standards as soon as possible - one of the major problems minzdravsotsrazvitija.

Irina Nevinnaja

By the way

In a course a straight line the inhabitant of the Eagle has complained to the president of an existing order of annual re-examination even for the invalids having incurable diseases and irreversible mutilations. The head of the state has agreed with this remark and has noticed that will give the corresponding commission minzdravsotsrazvitija. But, it appears, minzdravsotsrazvitija that is called, in a theme and already works over this problem. Tatyana Golikova has informed on it yesterday the head of the ministry. In the near future we will be engaged in that it is essential to simplify procedure of re-examination of invalids. The person having incurable disease when it is obvious that re-examination will not lead to change of group of physical inability, should not pass annually certification - has explained the minister.