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Russians can reach there, where goes nothing and does not fly

Why next year the prices for air tickets can grow? The reason partly in a fuel rise in price - in structure of the general expenses of the Russian airlines makes its cost about 40 percent. But business not only in it.

Airlines cannot hesitate with updating of park of aircrafts any more and order a considerable quantity of cars abroad. However high import duties do this purchase gold. Besides, these expenses are automatically reflected in the ticket price. Ministry of Transport suggests to cancel for a long time import duties for those types of planes which are not made yet in Russia or are not planned to manufacture in the long term. This question is now considered in the government. In the ministry variety of offers is discussed not to admit a rise in prices for transport services.

the minister of transport Igor Levitin who was recently the visitor of edition has told About it.

Behind pension on superdzhete

One of these days with the big success there has passed presentation superdzheta - the new plane for civil aircraft which was developed by the Russian designers.

Experts assert that today it is the advanced car, besides it will manage to airlines more cheaply, than the import technics.

: Igor Evgenevich when we will depart on superdzhete ?

Igor Levitin: the Car really impresses. Till the end of the year it should fly up. The first departure will show, when it will be possible to put the plane on a batch production. Then it is necessary to pass certification and to accumulate without passengers certain quantity of flight hours. For tests it decided to let out at once four planes, instead of one, as earlier. They will fulfil various modes, and thus certification time will considerably be reduced. I think, on it it is required about one year. The first superdzhet for regular flights, most likely, will receive Aeroflot .

RG: And what prospects at They are 334?

Levitin: Our airlines are ready to maintain it at performance of some completions, however the industry does not see prospect in its batch production.

RG: new rules of transportation in civil aircraft on October, 20th come into force. The invalid - koljasochnik Valery Gaber asks to explain, how all - taki it can fly by plane - with accompanying or under carrier supervision? In rules it is told that the airline can refuse transportation without support.

Levitin: In general the invalid should be with accompanying. The airline can take care of it on itself but only in the event that the personnel onboard has corresponding medical preparation. If such expert is not present, to the invalid without accompanying flight can refuse.


RG can deprive Airline: whether There is at passengers a chance to obtain compensation if with it have not provided normal conditions at a flight delay?

Levitin: Certainly. But if with airline it is not possible to agree peacefully, it is necessary to address in court. For the offended tourist the travel agency should make it. We have warned air carriers that their image will depend on quantity of such claims directly. On number dissatisfied we can define quality of work of the company. So the Rosaviation will trace a situation. We plan to organise constant monitoring, that the nobility as new rules of transportations are carried out. Its results become a signal for the aviation authorities when they by a following season will consider the schedule of flights.

RG: And if the malicious infringer is found out?

Levitin: For regular default of rules of the company will deprive of the rights to performance of flights. At repeated infringements airline activity can be completely stopped.

RG: In some questions from pensioners - pilots who, as it is known, should receive the raised pensions at the expense of additional deductions of airlines in the Pension fund of Russia (PF) have come. But people complain that employers of it do not do. And here the letter from a member of presidium of the Trade union of flight structure of Russia: the Airline pays grey The salary - 23 thousand roubles, and actual it averages 55 thousand .

Levitin: the Problem that pilots frequently receive the pension calculated not on real earnings, and on what is officially specified in the sheet. Not always works also the law obliging airlines over the usual uniform social tax to pay extra in PF of 14 more percent from a wages fund on additional pensions for the pilots. Some companies consider that the law has unfairly imposed on them excessive loading. And or at all these do not pay of 14 percent, or officially establish to the workers the underestimated salary that it is less from it ran deductions in the Pension fund.

RG: And how to struggle with these uklonistami ?

Levitin: I Consider that the airlines which are not paying pension extra charges, deserve at first the prevention, and then, maybe, even activity stay. After all partly from - for their actions pilots try to remain after pension age achievement behind a steering wheel. They simply to be afraid to leave on small pension. So the problem of provision of pensions of pilots directly is connected with safety of flights. Rostransnadzor, the Rosaviation and the Pension fund have agreed time in half a year to check, how much accurately airlines list additional means which are then distributed on all pensioners, including on what employers money did not pay. As a result and the extra charge appears not such considerable as could be, and pensioners of the fair companies - payers suffer.

River tramvajchik instead of a car

RG: Vladislav Tulubaev, the reader from Voronezh, writes that his parents live in village Gudovka where absolutely there is no road. However, in Russia it is a lot of such Gudovok. By highways it is not captured about 50 thousand settlements. What prospects of development of rural roads?

Levitin: we have a joint program with the Ministry of Agriculture on development of rural highways. Its co-ordinator is minselhoz as is best knows needs of village. For the program it is allocated an order of 4 billion roubles from the federal budget. It is not enough, certainly. However rural roads are in a zone of responsibility of local authorities. And behind them there is an option of routes.

RG: In many places where there are no highways, people were gained by river transport. But last years it became inaccessible from - for the high prices for journey. And from - for reductions of transportations the river fleet has appeared unprofitable. Whether there are plans on revival of this type of transport?

Levitin: 100 - percentage financing of the maintenance of highways mintrans expects only in 2011. With a sailing charter business is better - on this specification we left since 2007. And in plans - the further development of river fleet, stabilisation of the prices for fuel. After all river transportations are important not only for passengers, but also for economy. In - the first, they the cheapest. In - the second, frequently only a waterway it is possible to reach there, much more anything does not go and does not fly .

We try to create to the companies of a condition for purchase of new passenger courts. Some are already ready to make it but provided that municipalities will compensate a part of cost of the ticket. Local authorities have counted up, in what it it will manage, and in many regions, especially in the north, have come to a conclusion that is cheaper dotirovat river transport, than to build highways. So, I hope, it is fast people will feel.

Remember, in Soviet Union there was a passenger water line Vladivostok - Sakhalin - Kamchatka. We want it to restore. Because there without weather it is possible to stay week, and on the sea transportation is possible at any time.


That airlines now are obliged to do?

new rules of transportations for civil aircraft on October, 20th come into force. Now: If the passenger has lost the ticket the airline is obliged to establish the fact of sale and to accept the person aboard. Besides, tickets can be reserved by phone, e-mail.

At a delay of a departure and in case of change of a route irrespective of the reasons and from that, regular it is flight or charter, the airline should organise free of charge storage of luggage and give a place in a room of mother and the child to passengers with children till 7 years.

If flight was late more than at 2 o`clock, to you are obliged to offer soft drinks and to organise two phone calls or two messages by e-mail. Free of charge.

At a delay over 4 hours to this set service the hot meals are added. More than 6 hours have stayed and at night - you are obliged to lodge in hotel. It, by the way, should give even in the afternoon if a departure have postponed more than at 8 o`clock. Delivery there - back - too care of airline. Have detained sending more than at 10 o`clock, you will be provided with hot meals with each 6 hours in the afternoon and each 8 hours at night.

In default from flight 100 percent of cost of the ticket if the carrier has broken terms of transportation or if the passenger declares refusal not later than 24 hours prior to a departure should return it the passenger.

But also the rights of airlines too extend. You, for example, can not start up aboard, if:

your behaviour creates threat of safety of flight, life or to health of other passengers.

you have broken customs, sanitary and other requirements established by the legislation.

the State of your health demands special conditions of transportation, creates ineradicable inconveniences for other passengers.

you have refused to pay for the child or for the luggage, which weight over the established norm.

Tried in luggage and hand luggage to carry by the subjects aboard forbidden to transportation.

In Federal agency of air transport works round-the-clock a hot line .

By phone: 155 - 53 - 73 it is possible to ask a question, to inform on failures in work of airlines.