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Whether by the end of 2008 in Moscow suburbs without a fixed-line telephony remains any settlement

In each settlement the telephone line is laid? Whether easily to inhabitants of Moscow suburbs to get a home telephone number? With these burning questions has begun the Business breakfast in with the minister of information technology and communications of the government of Moscow Region by Nikolay Mezhuevym.

to the Head - mobile

: Nikolay Viktorovich, whether is a lot of still settlements in Moscow suburbs not telefonizirovany?

Nikolay Mezhuev: it is a lot of. 2200 settlements live while without fixed stationary telecommunication. However, about third from them are villages in which than ten inhabitants lives less, and in some the resident population is not present in general. But it does not mean at all that they should be cut off from the world. But all of us equally try, that these people have not been cut off from the world. Therefore we use the most different ways to provide telecommunication to those settlements which are removed from districts and big cities. Wireless technologies can be an exit in such cases, for example. Thanking it at inhabitants there is a possibility at any moment to cause first aid militia, firemen. And sometimes the local administration arrives easier. Gives out, for example, to the head of village one mobile phone on all.

Cardinally to solve a question of installation of telephones to remote settlements and sparsely populated villages we will be by means of installation of payphones which will render to inhabitants so-called universal service. The company TSentrTelekom won competition, by the end of 2008 will establish in Moscow suburbs territory such 3048 payphones. All of them will be red colour and are made in antivandalnom execution. Minute of conversation on the payphone will cost 60 copecks. At will inhabitants can get and a plastic payphone card. Calls to help and emergency services - free. Needy preferential cards will stand out.

RG: Tell more in detail, what include a universal telecommunication service?

Mezhuev: the Federal law About communication to them are carried, in - the first, service of telecommunication with use of payphones about which I already spoke. In - the second, service in data transmission and access granting to a network the Internet with use of points of collective access. The operator for their rendering in Moscow Region also is chosen on a competitive basis. It will provide input in a system of 344 points of collective access to the Internet which will settle down in mail service branches in all territory of Moscow suburbs.

to Everyone under separate number

RG: In Moscow till now there is a problem of coupled phones. For area for certain it too is actual?

Mezhuev: Certainly. In area has remained still an order of 150 thousand such numbers. Many remember, how in Soviet period it was difficult to establish a home telephone number. People for years stood in a queue. That though as - that to accelerate this process, to them and offered coupled phones. Stations of analogue type 40 percent of numbers in which were coupled were constructed. Now goes tsifrovizatsija a telephone system. And in process of replacement of analogue stations by the digital there is a return process. But to steam out numbers, each subscriber needs to give separate number. In area this process should be finished for two and a half a year. First of all it concerns subscribers of near Moscow suburbs.

Communication through the companion

RG: And whether as a whole it became easier to get room phone today?

Mezhuev: to Establish it now it is quite real. The main thing - to choose a communication channel. For example, through the satellite operator. Then it is not necessary to pull in general wires. However, the prices bite: such service costs from 850 to 1,5 thousand dollars. There are also other variants.

RG: And how soon will appear in the field of the high-speed Internet?

Mezhuev: It already is. On different channels in any point of Moscow suburbs it is possible to be connected. For example, through a mobile phone. Or through satellite operators to enter into a global network. By the way, Moscow Region - one of the first regions Russian Federations where the priority national project " is completely realised; Formation Regarding connection of educational institutions to the Internet. By September, 1st of this year access to the Internet with the round-the-clock limitless traffic was received by 1238 schools.

2,5 thousand roubles for number

RG: And how business with a fixed-line telephony is? How many it is necessary to wait, that have established a usual home telephone number?

Mezhuev: Here is over what to work. On turn stand about 200 thousand inhabitants of area.

RG: And long?

Mezhuev: Unfortunately, some have put in statements still in 70 - e years. Besides in area every year is under construction more and more new habitation. It is annually added an order of 90 thousand apartments. And the home telephone number too is necessary to each new settler. And the basic communications service provider in Moscow suburbs - TSentrTelekom enters in a year approximately 40 thousand numbers a year. In general, a serious problem for which decision in area and in the beginning of year our ministry of information technology and communication has been created. Now the market of telecommunications of Moscow Region - one of the most perspective and bystrookupaemyh. Therefore I think that investors who want to work and develop on him a telephony situated near Moscow, will not keep itself waiting. From its part the area government is ready to support to them to facilitate an exit on the market and as a result to provide with qualitative communication of all inhabitants of Moscow suburbs.

RG: Well and when turn all - taki will approach, how many the person should lay out for fixed number?

Mezhuev: In countryside installation of fixed phone will manage in 2,5 thousand roubles. In the cities located within 20 - 25 kilometres from MKAD, - 5 thousand roubles, and near Moscow suburbs - 8 thousand.

RG: As - that to accelerate this process it is possible? There are, for example, commercial quotations?

Mezhuev: Now is not present, the antimonopoly service has forbidden. But as new operators who compete among themselves also the turn began to move ahead too already better have come.

There was a city, there was an intercity

RG: For a long time there are conversations that for the Moscow numbers which inhabitants of area now use, it is necessary to pay as for an intercity. It is valid so?

Mezhuev: This question excites an order of 500 thousand inhabitants of the nearest Moscow suburbs having Moscow numbers which now work in a code 495. Connection at them goes by a user`s principle, and they pay the fixed monthly fee at a rate of 250 roubles.

In connection with digital communication development in Moscow Region the code 498 is entered. It is a digital code on which can be connected to 8 million numbers. Now in a code 498 works approximately 60 thousand subscribers. Till February, 1st these of 60 thousand typed seven figures of number, and a code did not type, also as well as 500 thousand united by a code 495.

In February of current year the government of the Russian Federation the decision which has assigned to Moscow two geographical codes - 495 and 499 is accepted. Accordingly all other codes, including 498, incorporate to them already by a long-distance principle, accordingly and calls as long-distance are paid.

the Ministry has appeared filled up with complaints from the population. People do not understand, why it huge accounts began to come. Many of them have paid in due time considerable money for installation of phone with direct Moscow number. The position of the governor of Moscow Region Boris Vsevolodovicha Gromova is unequivocal: position of inhabitants of Moscow suburbs should not worsen that as a matter of fact has occurred. Now the area carries on negotiations with the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation for considering specificity of an arrangement of Moscow and area and to keep former tariffing. Well, let the monthly fee will be not 250 roubles, and, say, 350, but not to enter a payment for long-distance connection.

RG: the People do not refuse yet already so-called direct Moscow numbers?

Mezhuev: There were cases. After all now for every minute conversation at long-distance connection the person should pay 2 roubles of 15 copecks. As a result cellular telephones appear often more favourable, at least subscribers of one network can talk with each other free of charge.