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Roman Pavluchenko: In Russia we for the first time played at such atmosphere

Exit on replacement of the forward Moscow Spartaka Roman Pavluchenko it has appeared key in a match of year Russia - England.

For four minutes attacking has amazed gate of ancestors of football twice. At first from a penalty, then from game. Also has brought Russia the major victory opening road for Euro - 2008. Pavljuchenko in a moment became the hero of the nation, having presented us the present holiday. But even after so deafening success the Novel kept as usual modestly.

: you feel the hero of a match?

Roman Pavluchenko: Is not present that you. Simply we this evening were one command. And thanks to the help of partners I managed to hammer in two balls.

RG: it was easy to enter into such game?

Pavljuchenko: Yes as I have been charged on struggle. Tribunes drove forward literally. To So much people supported us in Luzniki . In Russia we for the first time played at such atmosphere. Englishmen considered that it should press on us psychologically. On the contrary! Fans were today our twelfth player. They have developed a huge flag - words are not present, it has made what impression. Simply super! Thanks all who has come to support us. We knew that should not bring people. And we managed to win.

RG: That Guus Hiddink spoke, letting out you in the field?

Pavljuchenko: He has told that I should leave and hammer. To cling to a ball and to use the possibilities. After all the victory was necessary to us only, and even the drawn game did not arrange. As you can see, it was possible (smiles).

RG: you have issued a double leaving on replacement. Believe, what it has occurred in reality, instead of in the sleep?

Pavljuchenko: Certainly, I trust. In general - that I should not beat a penalty. Initially trainers have appointed to this role of Kerzhakova or Ignashevicha. But Sashi in the field by that moment any more was not. I have looked at Ignashevicha, and he has told - Beat! . Took a ball and has gone to to a point . Thus in advance has solved, in what corner I will beat.

RG: there were no fears what will miss? After all there were already such cases.

Pavljuchenko: Know, the penalty is as a lottery. Any football player in the world cannot always amaze a collar unmistakably.

RG: Had a presentiment, what will hammer?

Pavljuchenko: Yes, certainly. To me the masseur of a national team Michael Nasibov to a match has foretold that I will hammer in two balls. And he, by the way, has guessed the account of a match. And declared that 2:1 we will win.

RG: to Whom devote goals?

Pavljuchenko: To the favourite family. Well and, of course, to the fans supporting us at such important point.

RG: What now prospects at the Russian national team?

Pavljuchenko: Now all depends on ourselves. So there is every chance to leave group and to go on the European championship.

RG: it is possible to name This match your biggest victory?

Pavljuchenko: Certainly, on the one hand, we have beaten not somebody, and English national team. At them very good football players. But nevertheless the most important thing ahead. To celebrate still early, it is necessary to beat Israel and Andorra.

RG: In Israel, probably, already appear in the field in a starting lineup?

Pavljuchenko: This question is better for setting to the head coach.

RG: As will note a victory?

Pavljuchenko: That you. Any holidays. At us during week-end a match of the championship of Russia.

the comment

Vitaly Mutko, the president of the Russian football union:

- it was necessary to notice that recently game of our football team improves. The command really starts to play football. Yes, we have conceded in England but when - nibud to all of us - taki should carry. All of us have deserved it. That children, losing on a match course, have managed to break a situation, speaks about much. The second time, it is possible to tell, has turned game in other party. Romy Pavljuchenko exit has affected also, has fine won back the first time of Sasha Kerzhakov, having exhausted Englishmen. Pavljuchenko has hammered in two balls, but I would not began to name only its hero of a meeting. To be called so all command led by the head coach deserves. Hiddink has tactically changed the contender, has brought confidence in our players that it is possible to win Englishmen.

Position of commands for October, 19th

    And   In N P


  Croatia   10   8   2   0   25 - 4   26
  England   11   7   2   2   22 - 4   23
  Russia   10   6   3   1   16 - 5   21
  Israel   10   5   2   3   17 - 11   17
  Macedonia   10   3   2   5   10 - 11   11
  Estonia   11   1   1   9   3 - 21   4
  Andorra   10   0   0   10   2 - 39   0