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Evgenie Pljushchenko`s returning in amateur sports is again postponed

Returning of the Olympic champion of Turin Evgenie Pljushchenko in amateur sports again postponed from - for traumas.


From - for it Evgenie had to refuse and performances in show Fire and ice . Recent representation in Kemerovo with participation of known figure skaters commands of Pljushchenko - the Ukrainian dancing duet Elena Grushin - Ruslan Goncharov, and also our sports pair Julia Obertas - Sergey Slavnov - has passed without it.

As to competitions Pljushchenko have easily found replacement. At the Moscow stage of Gran - at the Cup of Russia one of few tournaments in whom the figure skater planned to participate in a season 2007/ 2008, instead of it Andrey Grjazev will act. The World champion among juniors of 2004 will represent Russia to Andrey Lutaja and Alexander Uspensky`s companies. Though at Andrey too problems with health. On September training it has twisted a foot and has received a small anguish of a sheaf.

Meanwhile still there is a chance that Evgenie Pljushchenko will please the Russian spectators on house to ice. After conversation with trainer Alexey Mishinym the president of Federation of figure skating on the fads of Russia Valentine Piseev has informed that Eugene very much would like to act in the championship of Russia in St.-Petersburg where 4 - on January, 8th will take place selection on the European superiority. Well and if health does not allow, for Evgenie are ready to wait and till the future season.