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Peter Vail: What for political correctness

is necessary As many, from time to time I re-read Pushkin. It is hardly original and that I do it with special lifting in the autumn - pamjatuja about Boldin and litsejskoj to an anniversary on October, 19th. And always, without an exception - you find new that before did not notice. In it, possibly, the main property of classics: it - that what was, such remains - you change and your time, and they, great, these changes have considered, have provided. Notice, think.

Has re-read now the Egyptian nights - and otorop. What for turns vetr in a ravine,/ the sheet and a dust bears Podemlet,/ When the ship in a motionless moisture/ dyhanja greedy waits for It?/ what for from mountains and by towers/ the eagle Flies, is heavy and terrible,/ On a sickly stub? Ask it./ what for arapa the/ Young is loved by Desdemona,/ As month loves night a haze?

Pushkin Africans and the Afro-Americans who count our poet as the Badly read. I remember a cover nju - jorkskogo magazine Ebony (in transfer - an ebony on slenge - the Black ) With a Russian portrait the descendant of Blacks ugly . I remember the poster the Well-known Negroes where near to Luis Armstrong and Mohammed Ali - Duma and Pushkin. And in the Egyptian nights - that. Pushkin builds three numbers in which remarkable something is preferred to something insignificant. At first at it the wind instead of inflating a ship sail, sweeps a dust in a ravine. Then an eagle, passing mountains and towers, sits down on a stub. Then young blonde Desdemona welcomes elderly moor Othello. The additional parallel equal in rights " does not rescue; month - night : the ravine and a stub is brighter, more convincing, and a stub still even sickly .

Here it is interesting: live Pushkin today, it would build such triad: a ravine - a stub - arap? There is a sensation that is not present. It the person was, certainly, passionate - about what both its life, and verses, - but also possessing strong common sense. Such it is a little in Russian literature: From great - Pushkin yes Chekhov. Here writes Vjazemsky: he Time and again revolted against public opinion and public discipline, but, on utishenii in itself(himself) of time revolt, he understood legitimate authority of this opinion... And it was no cowardly compliance. Any freedom any party is limited to this or that duty, moral, political or mutual. Otherwise not to be to a society, and there will be a wild willfulness and wild to drag .

It seems that now Pushkin would be politically correct owing to common sense.

the Common sense orders to concern attentively and sensitively rules public opinion and public discipline . These establishments - unlike state! - never can be silly or wrong because are not generated by will of one person or a group of persons, and grow, spontaneously. To protest against them as it is senseless, as against a rain.

In Russia it is very accepted to sneer at political correctness - first of all owing to ease of this employment. a dog - negumanoidnyj the partner the dwarf - vertically non-standard the madman - alternatively presented and etc. Ha - ha. Easy bread.

But if to exclude grotesque extreme measures which should be excluded everywhere and always, like the higher and lowest estimations in figure skating, it is necessary to welcome political correctness as remarkable display of collective reason. And to understand its origin. As any public phenomenon, political correctness demands the historical approach. On what became reaction and on what political correctness continues to react?

essentially new in it it is a little. Hymns of unisex love it is found at ancient Greeks. The vegetarianism sermon - at fathers of church. The violent propagandist of ecological consciousness for a century before Albert Gora - Michael of Astrocentury At Leskova in the novel there is no place - rough discussion: whether it is possible to offend the woman, opening before it a door? And in general, political correctness - not that other, as the sum of concepts to which us learnt mum, a kindergarten and the great literature: politeness compassion mercy sympathy for the small person .

Here it, the main thing: the small person . Dickens and Gogol`s multiplied by the rights of the person in a democratic society the pathos, has become a canon. Democracy - a majority rule and the minority rights. It is clear that the majority having the power, owing to it behaves easy. And it is so clear that the minority possessing only the right, - worries. Here, apparently, all have gone mad on a weight loss. However, on the statistican, grow thin from 6 to 10 percent of people, but they are audible: mouths are not occupied from them. The gay - parades offend even moderated traditsionalistov: Be engaged than want, but what for to show the preferences publicly? The answer is simple: in order that from - for nonconventional sexualities Oscar Uajld has been put in prison, and Tchaikovsky has committed suicide.

Extreme measures of minority can be ridiculous, extreme measures of traditional system of values - are monstrous: at them both the right, and the power in one hands.

All half a century ago great singer Billi Holidej should use goods lift in hotel all-white . It is necessary to remember it, having fun concerning absurd with the Afro-Americans and afroafrikantsami ? Yes let are called as want, but we will go all together in the passenger lift.

the Society of traditional values, showing high aesthetic sense, sent invalids that did not spoil shape of the Soviet cities, on northern islands (would be consecutive to banish there and Venus Milossky). And the society of uncontrolled democracy accepts an aesthetics in which cripples are entered, and before them at stops squat, helping to enter, city buses.

Conversations on creation of the feministic Bible that the Creator not certainly turned out the man - are ridiculous: too for a long time the Book is written to make amendments. But the higher praise at all levels, though and in parliament, - the present muzhik ; or a wreath slavoslovija to the president - the man and the officer : it in our world not only is ridiculous presently, but also a little bit it is a shame.

political correctness builds the bastions on a place of the destroyed and cancelled former. Again - taki anything especially new it is not thought up. If also motivation a bit different, the sense of interdictions is known for a long time: do not offend weak, do not offend humiliated, do not beat on a head of brothers (and sisters!) The smaller. People with other skin colour do not scold, the invalid do not do by the villain, the woman do not touch, at the moron do not laugh, over a dog have a little cry. A taboo, as well as always, first of all - in word usage sphere: that is not named, that does not exist. And on the contrary. The old man renamed in the senior citizen (senior citizen), will grow old later.

It the wind and an eagle and heart of the maiden does not have the law - and to poetic creativity to what Pushkin brings. But that who is engaged in these questions - in ecology, fauna, position of the woman in a society, Africans in Europe, - anywhere from hostel laws not to leave. Two centuries ago arap easy passed under the category of a sickly stub. Now - it is awkward.