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Political scientists: the president has clearly let know that the power Gleb Pavlovsky,
Fund of an effective policy holds a hand on country pulse


- As a whole Vladimir Putin has confirmed that it goes on elections as the leader of non-parties. In spite of the fact that he has headed the service record of one of parties, style of its dialogue with the population - the non-party. It diligently avoided even a hint on selective propagation. He intends to keep this style of dialogue and in the future. He wishes to keep a role of the non-party leader. Very important that fact is represented to me that he focused attention of the public on the role of the Supreme commander in chief. The military situation in the world all becomes more intense. One of these days US president George Bush directly threatened with military intrusion to Iran. Vladimir Putin the answers about strengthening of the Russian army has given the original answer to many our foreign partners. And this answer will be heard, do not doubt.

Alexander Tsipko,
Institute of the international economic and political researches:

- the Straight line became the answer to those calls which puts morally - psychological conditions in the country. Sharp rise in prices for products has caused appreciable excitements, uncertainty in the future in a society. And the president has clearly let know that the power holds a hand on pulse of the country and feels complexity of position in the state. Vladimir Putin during dialogue with the population has collected together all arguments and the proofs, testifying that our country has all bases for a sustainable development forward. The theme of national unity of Russia was very important - this theme has brightly sounded during a straight line. Though, of course, there were also questions without answers. The president once again has accurately let know that in a year we will have other president. But whether it will consult with tasks in view? I consider wrong to postpone the answer to a question on how the continuity of the power in our country will be carried out. After all the president himself has underlined that in Russia there can not be two centres of the power. Hence, the question on continuity becomes one of key.

Valery Homjakov,
Council about national strategy:

- During such straight lines for the power it is important to show the affinity to the people. Here not so much maintenance of questions, how many the procedure form is important. But questions if them to analyse, say that in the country there is extremely strong inquiry about the left policy - on socially focused and active. It is an important signal for the power. The president has underlined amplifying military power of our country - and it is a sign not only for foreign partners of Russia, but also for all population. Because besides the left moods the patriotic amplify also. And every year straight lines of the president with the people confirm strengthening of similar moods.