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Scientists have learnt to create new bodies without use of human embryos



At once two scientific groups have informed on revolutionary opening. They managed to reprogram cages of a skin of the person in deckman embrionalnye cages. It will help to solve many ethical and scientific problems which constrained development of very perspective area of biology and medicine.

As it is known, deckman cages of embryos is basic hope of millions the people needing restoration of bodies amazed with illnesses and fabrics. After all trunks on embrionalnoj stages are preparations for the future organism, from them all our bodies develop. However in many countries clinical application embrionalnyh deckman cages is forbidden for the ethical reasons.

In general initial euphoria gradually passes, now scientists of the whole world search for other panaceas. And here groups Sinja Jamanaka and James Thomson have informed on success. They have reprogrammed usual cages of a skin of the person, having returned them in the childhood . Others to words, from adult cages have received deckman, not distinguishable from embrionalnyh. So, now for cultivation of new bodies from deckman cages it is not so necessary to destroy embryos and to be engaged in cloning.

- Scientists have created a difficult design, - the deputy director of Institute of biology of development of Koltsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr.Sci.Biol. Andrey Vasilev explains. - There there were specially picked up 4 genes, and also a certain mechanism which owed them to include after introduction in skin cages. These genes have turned in usual cages time back, having forced them to return to that condition in which they stayed at the very beginning of organism development.

By the way, the founder of the well-known lamb of Dolli professor Jan Vilmut has declared that stops works on cloning of a human embryo from deckman cages as invented by Japanese and Americans the method is much easier.