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In suburbs of Paris have been placed about thousand police officers

Yesternight in the Parisian suburbs again vandalism cases are noted.

On Tuesday evening   nine persons on suspicion in participation in excitements and skirmishes with policemen have been detained. For safety about thousand police officers have been placed in suburbs of the French capital.

Meanwhile in the south of the country in Toulouse have been burnt about twenty motor vehicles in the past evening. Firemen hardly managed to prevent ignition in a building of local library. To the West from Paris a place of Mjureo 8 teenagers have been detained, trying to set fire to the bus. Unknown young men have thrown some bottles with an incendiary mix towards policemen then have disappeared from a scene. Nobody has suffered.

Today the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy who has come back from a trip to China, should head emergency governmental session, informs ITAR - TASS.

we Will remind, the day before about 200 guys, having broken into small groups, attacked police squads.

Attacking have been armed not only iron rods, but also shot-guns. From bombardment by a buckshot policemen had the basic losses. 82 guards have been wounded, and five - it is heavy. Having made an unexpected attack from back, mobile groups there and then moved on scooters to other places. In Ville - le - Bel with an incendiary mix have suffered from bottles of a building of the city mayoralty, the exchequer, two schools, a kindergarten and library. Has burnt down the police truck. The same tactics of city guerrilla war young rebels adhered and in neighbouring with Ville - le - to Bel cities and settlements. So, in Sarselle they have set fire to department store and point of sale of cars, and in Essone - the bus. Has completely burnt down more than six tens cars. Attempts to persuade thugs have ended for the divisional commissioner of police is pitiable. To it have broken a nose and some edges.