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December palestino - the Israeli peace talks can pass in Moscow

In the joint statement at the conference which have come to the end in Annapolis of premieres - the minister of Israel Ehud Olmert and the head of the Palestinian national administration Mahmud Abbas have declared that palestino - the Israeli peace talks will renew on December, 12th. The purpose of negotiations, they have noted, the peace treaty conclusion " is; till the end of 2008 .

We express our determination to put an end to bloodshed, sufferings and decades of the conflict between our people; to announce a new era of the world based on freedom, safety, justice, advantage, respect and a mutual recognition - it is told in the document.

Abbas and Olmert also have agreed to continue consultations each two weeks, to supervise a course of negotiations and to offer any necessary help for their advancement.

the Parties, it is underlined in the statement, also consider as the duty to start immediately performance of positions of the plan a road map accepted a quartet intermediaries (the United Nations, EU, Russia and the USA) on April, 30th, 2003, also have agreed to create American - palestino - the Israeli mechanism headed by the USA, for control over implementation of this project up to the peace treaty conclusion.

Head Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has noticed that negotiations about plan observance a road map and UN Security Council resolutions – the main achievement of a meeting in Annapolis. Laurels also has suggested to hold the following meeting in Moscow, on what interested parties have given the preliminary consent.

Under the information ITAR - TASS and Echo Moscow