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As a result of skirmishes of police and young migrants near Paris 82 guards

the French youth are wounded Two nights the grief - robbers revenged local police for two victims. Revolt of young immigrants has promptly crept away on the Parisian suburbs.

If on Sunday evening fierce collisions passed basically in small town Ville - le - Bel in the night from Monday to Tuesday they were threw and on settlements adjoining it.

Oil to fire was added by the first results of investigation given to publicity tragical dorozhno - transport incident. We will remind that the  destruction of two teenagers as a result of collision of a motorcycle with police car became the reason of disorders. Under the version of General inspection of national police, the patrol car with three city policemen went with speed of 40 kilometres per hour. The motorcycle has essentially exceeded the speed resolved in a city. And at a crossroads in full operation ran into the police car.

However witnesses of road incident from among young townspeople confirm another. Under their version, the police car has brought down a motorcycle with two teenagers. Moreover, it has ostensibly dragged it on a roadway of metres 10, and then policemen, without having rendered the help to victims, have disappeared from a scene of crime. These “ testimony “ have even more heated and without that intense conditions in a city. Local residents have drawn at once a parallel with  destruction of two teenagers in October, 2005 in the Parisian suburb Klishi - a sou - Bua. Then, escaping from policemen pursuing them, they have hidden in a transformer box. The power-current category has appeared deadly. It is indicative that parents of the teenagers who have lost this time have invited to run business in court of that lawyer which protected interests of families of fellows in Klishi - a sou - Bua.

Trying to discharge intensity, to parents of victims dorozhno - transport incident the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has addressed. In the message he has called townsmen “ to keep calmness “ also has assured that justice bodies “ will define guilt degree “. Has called by phone to parents of victims and premieres - the minister of France Francois Fillon.

However appeals to calmness have not conceived effect. C darkness approach in small town collisions again have begun. Events were developed in a labyrinth of narrow city streets. Having broken into small groups, about 200 guys attacked police squads.

Attacking have been armed not only iron rods, but also shot-guns. From bombardment by a buckshot policemen had the basic losses. 82 guards have been wounded, and five - it is heavy.

Having made an unexpected attack from back, mobile groups there and then moved on scooters to other places. In Ville - le - Bel with an incendiary mix have suffered from bottles of a building of the city mayoralty, the exchequer, two schools, a kindergarten and library. Has burnt down the police truck.

the Same tactics of city guerrilla war young rebels adhered and in neighbouring with Ville - le - to Bel cities and settlements. So, in Sarselle they have set fire to department store and point of sale of cars, and in Essone - the bus. Has completely burnt down more than six tens cars. Attempts to persuade thugs have ended for the divisional commissioner of police is pitiable. To it have broken a nose and some edges.

Being afraid of distribution of disorders, the authorities have directed on help to the local policeman in addition 160 guards.

the General public prosecutor of Paris has demanded from the subordinates “ To use all means available in their orders to state a legal estimation happened within the next few days and weeks “.


General management of national police on Tuesday has informed that, by its estimation, “ the order basically is restored “. However the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France has warned that forces of protection of a public order remain “ in a ready state “.