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Poland is ready to make concessions in relations with Russia

of All in three days after the prime minister - the minister of Poland Donald Tusk in a diet declared the desire qualitatively to improve mutual relations with Russia, he has decided to prove that words on a wind does not throw. For this purpose the head of the government has called in Warsaw special a press - conference.

it is visible, realising importance of the moment, Tusk has been so excited that has begun the performance with an error which, truth, has quickly corrected its press - secretary Agneshka Lishka. Poland removes objections concerning the introduction of Russia into the World Trade Organization - the Polish prime minister has declared. Tusk meant not the WTO, and OESR - the Organization of economic cooperation and development, has explained Lishka.

We support that negotiations about reception of Russia in this organisation have begun. It in interests and Moscow, and other states. And already during consultations objections which can be at their participants " let will be stated; - the head of the Polish government has added.

As to possible blocking of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization by Poland with which Warsaw threatened earlier Moscow, this question, most likely, by itself will disappear now.

Tusk has assured that position softening on OESR - only the first step on an improvement way polsko - the Russian relations for which, obviously, others will follow. For example, the decision of Warsaw to remove the veto on negotiations on the new agreement between Russia and EU. We will remind, in May of this year the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski has informed that Warsaw blocks the beginning of consultations between Moscow and Bruxelles.

the head of the state has connected The decision with that fact that earlier Moscow has entered embargo on export of meat production from Poland. According to the Russian side, infringement by the Polish party of the Russian veterinary and fytosanitory norms, and also falsification of certificates became the interdiction reason. Representatives of our country have established that Poland was engaged in re-export of meat from the third countries.

Warsaw has rather emotionally reacted to the Russian embargo and has done the utmost that the conflict has passed in a political plane. The Polish authorities demanded from Moscow to cancel an interdiction for meat deliveries in exchange for possibility to continue negotiations with Bruxelles. No arrangements from neighbours in EU have forced them to soften a position. The situation has changed only after the parliamentary elections which have passed recently a victory on which has gained the opposition party led by Donald Tusky.

Participants of the new Polish government from the very beginning did not hide that intend to enter as soon as possible with Moscow negotiations about renewal of deliveries of meat on the Russian market. As the new Minister of Agriculture of the country Marek Savitsky has declared in Bruxelles, Warsaw expects to carry on in December of this year tripartite negotiations with Russia and Eurocommission for cancellation of the Russian embargo.

Tusk has let know that is ready and on other concessions in relations with Russia. In particular, speech can go and about partial revision of a position of Poland on placing of the American systems of the ABM in the territory. Warsaw would like to discuss this question both with the NATO, and with the nearest neighbours of Poland, including with Russia - the prime minister has told. He has added that with Moscow it is necessary to speak about a problem of the ABM open language to dispel its fears about it.

the Head of the Polish government even has had time to be defined with a place where such negotiations can be spent. According to Tuska, it is ready to arrive to Russia as soon as possible . It is assured that neither to Poles, nor Russians it is not necessary to wait long for this visit and arrangements favourable to us - the prime minister has noticed. more precisely to speak about trip terms it will be possible after on December, 6th this year in Bruxelles there will pass a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of two countries - he has added.

Meanwhile many experts consider that in Russian - the Polish relations Moscow is in many respects obliged by so sharp warming to Bruxelles. The EU countries were tired from unjustified beskompromissnosti Yaroslav Kachinsky`s governments and its desire to impose to representatives old Europe the game rules. And now, when the cabinet of Poland was headed by Donald Tusk, they wait from it for readiness to agree even with the inconvenient partners most until recently for Warsaw.