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Capital motorists have updated a new traffic intersection

Yesterday capital motorists have updated the new traffic intersection constructed on crossing of the Earthen Shaft and Serebrjanichesky quay.

According to the first deputy of the mayor in the government of capital of Peter Birjukova, the head of a complex of municipal economy, introduction in operation of this site will help to unload for 25 percent movement on the Garden ring of Moscow. Also it is considerable indicators for a megacity which prove - to solve transport problems in capital it is possible. Still 10 years ago on city streets was all 600 thousand cars. Now, by our estimations, about 3,5 million - Peter Birjukov named the reason of a collapse and has underlined: in spite of the fact that it is a good indicator of growth of well-being of Muscovites, the main task for the government - to create comfortable conditions for movement of townspeople.

Both parties of an outcome with two-way movement. On it it is possible to pass from the Garden ring in the centre on Serebrjanichesky quay. However the platform is convenient not only for drivers - designers have reflected and on comfort for pedestrians. To cross road it is possible on underground transition from which there are two exits - on the Garden ring and on quay. Steps of this transition are equipped by heating system, therefore in the winter they will be pure and nonslipping. For people with the limited possibilities from both parties of an outcome lifts for koljasochnikov are established. The right lift (from Kursk) will lower passengers on 5,5 metres, and left (from Serebrjanichesky quay) - on 9 metres, on it it is possible to go down even more low - directly on quay.

Along a platform two foot paths, odnaiz have constructed them - specially for people with the limited possibilities. from this year any object which we build, becomes accessible to invalids. And this outcome not an exception - Peter Birjukov has noted.

Under a road cloth two more objects - premise GO and CHS, calculated on 4 thousand persons, and also an underground parking on 168 mashino - places will take place. Near to an outcome on a site the area of 4,9 thousand square metres will construct multipurpose office centre with apartments and underground parking place.

However as Peter Birjukov has promised, new object - only one of steps to struggle with stoppers . In the nearest five - six years the difficult situation on capital roads considerably will improve - the first deputy of the mayor is assured of the government of Moscow. By New year opening of the big highway leaving Zvenigorodsky highway to MKAD through the Serebrjanoborsky tunnel is planned.