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In Sochi have started to build substations for the Olympic objects

Today in Sochi will pass session of the supervisory board of organising committee Sochi - 2014 on which should be defined with terms of building of the Olympic objects.

One of the first will construct objects of power: without them and all it is impossible to construct the others. In general - that power building has already begun: one of these days the substation base " is put; poselkovaja capacity of 220 kilovolt near to settlement Esto - the Corf. It will be central in a chain of three new substations which will supply with energy is mountain ­ ski lines, hotels and under construction objects of the Red Glade, and also a new building of the Sochi airport. poselkovaja should be opened in October, 2008.

electric mains from a southern part of Sochi to the Red Glade will be simultaneously laid. Their extent will make about 52 kilometres.

besides, power on to the Olympic plan should erect in region three power stations. Besides the Olympic Games they will serve also seaports of Krasnodar territory. One of power stations will settle down directly in Sochi, in Adler area. On its erection it is released five years. Together with new building and modernisation of existing power stations by 2014 an energy potential summer capital can add to 900 megavolt whereas today Sochi consumes nearby 400 megavolt. Domestic and foreign investors have already become interested in these projects, including possible building of cascade power stations on the mountain rivers.

Meanwhile at today`s session of organising committee Sochi ­ 2014 judging by the preliminary information, it will be a question basically of the Olympic objects and complexes.

- All participants of session should be defined accurately, what objects where and in what terms should be constructed, - the head of Sochi Victor Kolodjazhnyj has told. - the Structures occupied with preparation of Games, are already generated, now it is necessary to employ the building organisations, experts and to start business.