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Celebrated personalities of Vladivostok have not held on till the end of election campaign

Court of Lenin area of Vladivostok has deprived of registration Victor Cherepkova`s selective block on participation in elections in a municipal duma.

Every other day the same court has deprived of registration on one-mandatory district 14 members of the block Maria Solovenko, and through a pair of clocks and the Victor Cherepkova standing on one-mandatory district 17. Thus the selective block eks - the mayor and the operating deputy of the State Duma Victor Cherepkova on elections in a thought of the regional centre more does not exist. The third member of this block - journalist Dmitry Novikov while remains the candidate on one-mandatory district.

At eks - the mayor mandate term in the State Duma has ended, and he intended was to continue political career as the deputy of a thought of the regional centre. Maria Solovenko as the editor of the newspaper does not give for a long time rest to the regional authorities, and after a question, set to the president of the country at its meeting with regional mass-media in January of this year about corruption in Primorski Krai, its popularity has stepped for limits of Primorski Territory.

the Reason of deprivation of registration of the selective block and candidates on one-mandatory districts - excess of an expenditure of means for propaganda campaign. With that only a difference that as it became known, at first to the selective block eks - the mayor tried to attribute in the inadequate image the issued contract on information service from one of local newspapers. The claimant tried to prove that the block has concluded the contract not with newspaper edition, and with its publisher - certain Open Company, and it is supposedly wrong. But stiffness of charge was so is obvious that have looked and have found other reason - a reexpenditure of means of selective funds.

the Decision on cancellation of registration of Maria Solovenko was accepted in its absence. The court could not find the respondent in Vladivostok, it collected at this time a material for the book in Khabarovsk.

As to a city last ten years does not carry with mayors, possibility of its election from structure of deputies of a thought

is discussed - the Summons has not been handed over neither me, nor to my representative, - the colleague has declared. - I consider that I was deprived by registration on absolutely wild basis. Excess of an expenditure of means of selective fund was not, as on printing of newspapers I did not sign any contracts, to anybody on these purposes of money did not give.

Under Maria Solovenko`s version, somebody has published in one of newspapers a propaganda material about it and itself has paid it to create an occasion and to accuse in a reexpenditure of means . The colleague also has declared that will address for protection in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Knowing Maria Dmitrievny`s energy, it is possible not to doubt that and will occur. Unless late will be - elections in a municipal duma of Vladivostok will take place simultaneously with elections of deputies of the State Duma on December, 2nd.

In the newest political history of Vladivostok it, let me think, already Victor Cherepkova`s fifth removal from elective campaigns. And each time only adds it to it of points at the Vladivostok voters. And now, according to observers, Crocks could become the deputy of a municipal duma without effort.

As it is known, all management of city administration of Vladivostok - figurants of this or that criminal case. And accused of abusing powers the mayor in general sits in a pre-trial detention centre the ninth month, and, by the way, litigation on its business tomorrow begins. As to a city last ten - twelve years categorically does not carry with town governors, and its national elections all time turn to a farce in local political circles the variant of election of the mayor from structure of deputies of a thought which will be generated by results of elections on December, 2nd is discussed. And the high probability of hit in a thought of selective block Cherepkova would promote that by the mayor Victor Cherepkov could be selected. But Vladivostok some years ago which - who remembers its double board, shrinking, and repetition of experience does not want.

Meanwhile, mayor Vladimir Nikolays though is in a pre-trial detention centre, but influences political life of a city. Appeared in streets of Vladivostok posters with its photo and an appeal to support one of the blocks standing for a municipal duma, - to that an example.

According to our source in the white house This fact - an indicator of that results of elections in gordumu are unpredictable. Observers consider that the regional power completely   it is occupied by elections in the State Duma and   has slightly forgotten partially about less important elections at local level which can play a malicious joke in the near future.

Having lost positions in leading party, the command of the disgraced mayor has passed in counterattack. Before mayoralty bureaucratic machinery at which under control management companies and solid army of state employees, it is necessary to spend a problem the candidates for a power representative body. Propaganda materials with Vladimir Nikolaeva`s portrait - evident to volume an example. And those who has planned this action, well know features of psychology of our electorate: it always supports the driven. Therefore the regional authorities risk: the voting failure in Vladivostok, is a loss of 40 percent of votes of voters of Primorski Krai. And in this situation any trifle can impair a little total result.


In Leninsk court of a city of Vladivostok have tried to remove from pre-election race public association the Woman of Vladivostok . As the applicant the seaside human rights organisation " has acted; the Freedom in choosing . Claims was two: non-observance of financial discipline and incorrectly concluded contract on propaganda placing. While the block has beaten off from claims, but its members believe that can appear and the new claim.