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The authorities of the Chelyabinsk area want to stop a rise in prices budgetary grants

Yesterday the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk area has declared the beginning of additional subsidising of the agricultural enterprises making milk.

in zimne - the stall period 2007/ 08 years governor Peter Sumin has in addition allocated for animal industries support from the regional budget of 400 million roubles. As consider in the regional government, it is one of the measures, allowing to constrain the prices for articles of food.

According to Chelyabinsk UFAS, for nine months 2007 cost prices of factories - pererabotchikov on milk fat content of 2,5 percent have grown for 119,5 percent, and retail - on 123,7. And on November, 15th the largest manufacturers of dairy production - the Chelyabinsk city and Chebarkulsky dairy industrial complexes have declared new increase - cost price of litre of milk has passed for 20 roubles. pererabotchiki have explained the actions by impossibility to constrain a rise in price in conditions when peasants from July till November increased cost prices of milk with 7,5 to 12 roubles.

- means which now receive collective and farms on development of branch of animal industries, is that the third rouble which the regional government pays extra to the peasant for each kg of milk which are handed over on dairy factories of area, - make comments on the beginning of payment of dairy grants in minselhoze.

Money is listed by two tranches. The first is now paid, it makes 60 percent from the rate of a grant and is charged after the addressee having the right to support, will give in minselhoz the inquiry - calculation and the documents confirming preservation or increase of volumes of output of milk, number of a livestock of dairy cows and an exit of calfs. Transfer of the second tranche of grants will begin after December, 1st at observance by economy of the same conditions. However pererabotchiki milk offered the government of area other approach at charge of grants: the budget should pay extra three roubles for each litre of the handed over milk - without a binding to other indirect indicators. But, judging by documents which asks minselhoz at peasants, such binding all - taki remains. So, dotiruetsja not so much concrete litre of milk getting on a counter and in the refrigerator of the buyer, how many succeeding agricultural productions.

as have explained in the ministry, the base grant for the agricultural organisations makes from 1900 to 4035 roubles on one dairy cow depending on volume of the milk received from each cow from January, 1st till September, 30th, 2007. And the above a yield of milk, the more grant. To farms the base rate of a grant of 1500 roubles on a cow is established.

Similar grants for branch support receive cattle-breeding economy of a meat direction. The base size for them - from 1500 to 3100 roubles on one meat cow depending on quantity of the calfs received from each hundred cows.

in the meantime

For 10 months 2007 the goods and paid services in the Chelyabinsk area have risen in price on the average for 7,45 percent. According to Cheljabinskstata, paid services - for 13,14 percent have most grown in the price. On articles of food, not including alcoholic drinks, the prices have risen for 6,38 percent, on not food - on 4,7. Cost of strong drinks in January - October has increased almost by 8,88 percent. In sphere of public catering of the price have raised for 9,65 percent. In October the greatest rise in price of articles of food - for 4,77 percent is noted. Rates of increase of the price for products almost have five times exceeded rates of increase of cost of other goods. Alcohol has risen in price for one percent, neprodovolstvennye - on 0,6.