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The terrorist has blown up itself a grenade in the South Ural electric train

Negotiations of militiamen with the terrorist hardly have not crowned success. But it could not insert correctly to the check into a fuse, and explosion has thundered.

state of emergency has occurred about seven o`clock in the morning at station Asha in the fourth car of a suburban electric train 6402, the following the message of Dema - Kropachevo. As has told a press - the secretary Southern - the Ural Department of Internal Affairs on transport Elena Epimahova, at usual detour of cars employees of Sredne - the Volga transport militia have noticed the man who was in fair podpitii. In reply to the request to show the ticket the passenger has pulled out a grenade and has pulled out to the check. Keeping a crampon that the shell has not blown up ahead of time, he began to demand, that the train followed to Vladivostok.

militiamen have accurately worked in an emergency situation: one began to deduce passengers from the car and has handed over the information on threat of the explosion, the second - has begun negotiations with the aggressor.

At this time the train has reached station Asha where structure have driven away on an alternate route and evacuated all passengers of an electric train - only 152 persons. The management of transport militia was connected to negotiations. By common efforts the man with a grenade managed to be convinced not to do hasty acts, and he has agreed to return to the check into place. But whether by inexperience in circulation with ammunition, whether from zashalivshih nerves, a grief - the terrorist could not will cope with a fuse, and the grenade has blown up. From the received wounds the man has died. Anybody from law enforcement officers has not suffered.

- in the car all glasses are beaten out, the covering of seats is fairly damaged, - has informed a press - the secretary of the Bashkir branch of the Kuibyshev railway Sergey Spatar. - However incident has not affected the train diagramme, trains go in a usual mode.

In pockets of the victim scraps of the identity card which has helped militia to establish its person were found out. It is 43 - summer Michael Ershov, earlier three times the offender - for rape, extortion and threat by murder. Last place of registration - the city of Sanchursk of the Kirov region, therefrom it has left three years ago. In search was not registered.

- It is known that on February, 2nd, 2007 this citizen has been released from a colony - settlements near the city of Kachinska, - the assistant to the Ufa transport public prosecutor Vladislav Nedorezov has told to the correspondent.

For investigation happened the special commission to which should find out is created, whether the man a grenade in a train planned to use or it has made this act suddenly, owing to circumstances which have unsuccessfully developed for it.