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Kudrin has declared that arrest C negatively affects work of the Ministry of Finance

the meeting (with Storchakom) is urgently necessary To me, and I have requested such meeting - Kudrin to journalists at a briefing in the government has told.

It has explained that Storchak accused of attempt of plunder of budgetary funds, possesses the operative information on variety of questions, and its arrest starts to affect some negotiations negatively. already, at present the delay on a meeting starts to affect negotiating processes which, nevertheless, the ministry continues " negatively; - Kudrin speaks.

At the moment of detention of Storchak not only one question planned to report, but also it had a package of documents for a departure in one of the countries where we should carry out this day negotiations with the local Ministry of Finance. All these documents have been withdrawn, including from its office - has told vitse - the prime minister.

It has reminded that asks to release Storchaka from - under guards under the personal guarantee. and we will expect the answer within several days. Certainly, I would like, that it has occurred literally at once - has told vitse - the prime minister. However, he has added, it is required to pass at first a number of the procedures connected with consideration of the petition by court and a consequence.

Investigatory committee   at the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has brought Storchaku accusation in attempt of plunder more than 43 million dollars of budgetary funds. The deputy minister of the fault does not recognise.

Investigatory committee   suspects the official and two businessmen of creation of the organised group for the purpose of plunder of means of the budget of the Russian Federation under the pretext of a covering of expenses Sodeksima . This crime concerns a category of the heavy. Figurants of business are threatened with punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from five till ten years.

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