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The Polish pork, will probably, soon return on the Russian market

Yesterday the prime minister - the minister of Poland Donald Tusk has declared readiness to take the first step in improvement polsko - the Russian relations. Thus Poland removes objections about Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization. Actually the first step has been made two weeks ago when the Polish party has allowed to check up to the Russian veterinary surgeons the butchers.

the Interdiction for import of the Polish meat of Rosselhoznadzor has entered two years ago. In this department assert that the embargo reason - counterfeit certificates with which suppliers from Poland supplied parties of the goods. In mass-media it was repeatedly informed also on attempt to deliver in our country through Poland meat of buffalo s under the pretext of beef.

Poles of the facts of infringements practically did not recognise and have obviously been revolted by that from - for any buffalo of the entry visa pigs have lost also. The matter is that in the Russian market the share of the Polish beef was always insignificant. And here on pork deliveries in our country Poland at one time took even the second place after Brazil.

Nevertheless the Polish politicians fiercely fought for a place in the Russian market for the butchers. Thus, truth, the last half a year the Russian veterinary surgeons vainly waited the answer to the letter to Warsaw in which suggested to resolve it proinspektirovat those Polish meat-packing plants which wish to deliver the goods to Russia. After change of the Polish government from Warsaw in Rosselhoznadzor the answer with the invitation to spend check with participation of experts from the European Union - that has come, actually, the Russian veterinary surgeons and achieved.

Here already almost two weeks the group of our experts checks the Polish meat-packing plants. A press - secretary Rosselhoznadzora Alexey Alekseenko has informed that before the inspection termination cannot inform, what its results. But has thus added that there are no bases to assume that all Polish enterprises break the Russian veterinary rules. And the Polish meat can soon appear in the Russian market already enough.

Moreover, Alexey Alekseenko has added that on change to one group of inspectors of Rosselhoznadzora another will take off for Warsaw, and about new year our veterinary department will try to check up as much as possible the Polish meat-packing plants, thirsting to deliver the goods in our country. Anyway additional deliveries from Poland will considerably below volumes of grey import of meat which the basic damage causes to economy of domestic agricultural commodity producers.