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The project of Makarevicha and Elaginoj Russian idea in gallery XL

After (though and with delay) a scale exposition I Trust! which summary command of modern artists in art - the centre Winery opened year, Igor Makarevicha and Elena Elaginoj`s artistic duet has presented in gallery XL exhibition Russian idea . It is laconic and intelligible.

it is valid, the project of a couple of conceptual artists of Makarevicha and Elaginoj looks as an epilogue or the resume which and organizers of an ambitious exposition " have not managed to compose; I Trust! . And it besides that the main curator - ringleader Oleg Kulik has called in then for its discussion enough both philosophers, and ecclesiastics. It is obvious that Russian idea has a direct bearing on belief. And though the whole generations of domestic philosophers, to actually philosophy were engaged in it, in that sense as it is understood in the Western world, it has no kasatelstva. Russian idea - as a matter of fact sophistication in which with XIX on the XX-th century beginning Russian intelligency was engaged.

Approximately and genesis " looks; Russian idea in installation of Makarevicha and Elaginoj who consists of the several interconnected semantic and visual parts. The first of them - portrait gallery, to be exact, an iconostasis from patriarchs, fathers and martyrs of this notorious idea. From count Uvarova, the first given, though also stupid, administrative, but its distinct model - Orthodoxy, autocracy, a nationality Dostoevsky, the first announced Russian idea to Soloveva, Berdjaeva and Rozanova which many have written about it. Here there is also Feodors, an author of the theory of revival of ancestors with their subsequent sending in space (here and a fantasy), and its follower Tsiolkovsky. And, at last, artists - Favorsky and Shvartsman, and under an outset - the guru of our days Grabovoj with its farcical transposition of Fedorova. All their number 12. It is quite clear that such quantity with an ulterior motive.

Having remembered shapes of founders of theories vseotvetstvennosti vsespasenija sobornosti bogoizbrannosti and etc., we read installation further. If in a known film of brothers of Vasilevyh Chapaev explained tactics on a potato Makarevich and Yelagin interpret idea by means of a daily bread. Namely our black, rye which they both cut, and form like a ration or prosfor. They are laid out on shelves at portraits of thinkers. It turns out that it is a question of a participle or participation in idea. And judging by the participle form - the stars moulded from a crumb, and the top crusts hollowed, as oak death packs (by the way, from here and known expression to give an oak i.e. to die), - the idea is reduced or to the sepulchral world, or to space. That on same Fedorovu quite co-ordinates. Then that Russian idea at all the life philosophy, to it simply is not present a place on the earth.

It is made comments in two following parts - a heap of the dug out earth in a corner of gallery and a huge triangular design. Last resembles starting rocket installation and on a skeleton the Monument in honour of outer space exploration by the Soviet people which rises at were VDNH. On the other hand, though and for ears (as curators do), it is possible to draw associations with by philosophical steamship which in 1922 has taken out from the country of the remained carriers Russian idea . And then it turns out that triangular zhelezjaka - a fragment of that steamship. Whether

the idea Has departed or has departured - not an essence important. About it there was a book knowledge. What last part of installation interprets: a bookcase densely filled by bricks chernjashki. Moreover the loaf cast in bronze and a star - prosfora. It is necessary to understand, these are monuments to enthusiasts and martyrs of idea. Anyhow, Makarevich and Yelagin not for the first time try to get to the bottom to Russian idea . However, quite may be that an essence Russian idea consists just in its constant search. Because when it sometimes find, that, as appears from history, there are terrible enough things. Well, so let its artists also continue to search.