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In Tver more than 1800 military men need habitation

Tver military men will be with habitation. It was declared by the head of region Dmitry Zelenin at a meeting with military men of the parts deployed in territory of region.

Habitation - one of old and most painful problems of the Russian army to solve which undertake not only at federal level. Problems which were put by president Putin, - by 2010 to provide with constant habitation of the military men who have concluded contracts till January, 1st, 1998, and by the end of 2010 definitively to generate fund of office habitation - and for Tver are extremely actual. In the military garrisons located in territory of region, now need habitation more than 1800 military men.

In the last two days the situation has moved off dead centre. By negotiations it was possible to solve a problem of prolonged repair of a hostel of a body with the Ministry of Defence in Migalove. Under administration control - end of building and settling of military men in the new house along the street the Queen in Tver. Last and this year here have already received apartments forty families. It is literally one of these days new settlers will start to render habitable and 40 - a room apartment house in Torzhok. On a hand there was also a reduction of number of the Russian army: in military garrisons Kuzhenkina, Toroptsa, Brusova at reduction of military units the reserve on 120 - 150 apartments prepares. The released habitation will be received beskvartirnye by military men of these garrisons.

- We from its part render the maximum assistance to the federal authorities in the decision of a housing question, - Dmitry Zelenin has told. - under my commission the administration of the region has already prepared six ground areas under building of twelve multiroom apartment houses for military men. All necessary communications are brought to these platforms. Building of objects will come to the end the next three years, and we will carry out a problem of the president in the put terms.

In military - the transport aviation division migalovskogo garrison is waited for by the decision of a room question many years. But until recently a cart remained on a former place, and 458 families have been compelled to rent apartment or, at the best, to huddle together with children on seventeen metres in a hostel. For officers of Migalova under instructions of the governor the regional committee on management of property has prepared the order about platform allocation in 3,8 hectares in microdistrict Southern under building of two houses on 300 apartments. Approximate term of input of habitation in a system - 2009 - 2010. To begin building it is planned in May of next year.

Conversation with people in epaulets went not only about habitation. According to Dmitry Zelenin, other problems will dare also: The additional route of a municipal transportation will open, in garrison territory will establish modern payphones with feedback function, and also will open office of the general practitioner. Did not remain without the decision and a question socially - professional adaptation of the military men transferred to the reserve, and members of their families.

- In the Tver region the first in Russia for this category of citizens we have opened the regional Center of social rehabilitation where services on legal are rendered, mediko - psychological, to social problems, - the governor has explained. - in cooperation with regional management of public service of employment of the population in Tver the special labour exchange is created. For 10 years 24 thousand persons have used its services. They received consultations of experts, mastered new trades, raised qualification and found new workplaces. At the Center of social rehabilitation the credit unions allowing to left military men simply work and quickly to receive means for the organisation of own business, property acquisition, treatment and study of children.

with Workplaces of the former military men in region are ready to provide. As in area territory there are all new manufactures. A main point - in a training for a new profession of military men. That officers will find the place in post-war lives, the Tver authorities are assured.