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Matti Vanhanen has threatened Victor Zubkov Evrosojuzom

the Meeting of premieres - minister Victor Zubkov with its Finnish colleague Matti Vanhanenom has made upon the head of the Russian government indelible impression.

it is possible, because Vanhanen has preferred to speak directly about impartial things and obviously was not ready to reconcile with the existing validity, threatening with the European Union.

However, Zubkov too carried on open enough dialogue, not kamufliruja of a problem under usual rhetoric about remarkable relations of Russia and Finland. Though to deny that goods turnover of two countries grows, hardly costs.

the Tendency of growth of goods turnover is obvious: for 2000 - 2007 it has increased in 3,5 times and during the current year can make already 15 mlrd euro (in 2006 this figure did not exceed 13 mlrd euro) - the Russian prime minister has noticed.

Therefore he considers that Investments and innovations, and also interaction in high technologies " should become the basic vector of cooperation in the long term;.

Matti Vanhanen in it was ready to support obviously Zubkov, noticing that Russian - Finnish trading - economic relations develop dynamically that is reflected and in closer and wide contacts of citizens of both countries and business economic structures. For this purpose it is necessary to facilitate a mode of stay of citizens in other country he has noticed. The Finnish prime minister has with satisfaction noted rates by which it is carried out creation of high-speed railway communication between the countries then the distance from St.-Petersburg to Helsinki can be overcome for 3,5 hours.

the Unique question of the Finnish journalists was that occurred in St.-Petersburg during time the March not consent .

the Russian prime minister considers that law enforcement bodies operated during so-called the March not consent on November, 24th in Petersburg correctly.

- Those persons who should provoke actions of law enforcement bodies, - anything at them it has not turned out and it will not turn out, because at us in Russia conditions today stable, and elections will pass easy. You can easy concern it, - prime minister Zubkov has noted.

the Hard line is occupied with Finns and under project Nord Stream. Finland does not intend to join gas pipeline Nord Stream, the prime minister - the minister of Finland has declared Matti Vanhanen. He has explained that Finland already receives necessary gas in full on channels available now, therefore to be connected to Nord Stream does not gather. nevertheless Finland hopes that realisation of the project will not break ecology of the Baltic region - he has softly hinted at possible problems.

Vanhanen has noticed that Finland categorically against increase of export duties by Russia on wood, but hopes for compromise achievement.

- Increase of export duties on wood - it is unacceptable for us. We expect that the made decisions will be changed, - he has declared. - commodity streams Available for today between Russia and Finland should proceed in full.

As he said as the European Union forms the Uniform customs union, negotiations on this question are conducted between Eurocommission and Russia. Finland, from its part, tries to help achievement of the compromise by means of bilateral contacts. However, as he said, if the program of gradual increase of tariffs is realised by Russia, it will lead to closing derevopererabatyvajushchih the enterprises in Finland. Zubkov as could calmed partners, inviting their investors to us in wood. He has noticed that Russia intends and to work further within the limits of EU under the decision of a question on increase in the export customs duties on raw wood. we carry on negotiations, I think that we will agree - Zubkov has promised, however has noticed that this point in question decision in many respects depends on speed of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization.

- It is necessary, that Russia was included into the WTO then such questions can be solved in mutual relations including with Finland, - the Russian prime minister has told.

Has explained the thought too simply. Russia has the strategic plan for development lesopererabotki, and the legislation and the Wood code allow to involve for this purpose investments.

- Yes we and have quite good money for such investments, but we invite also the western partners that they put up the money, - the head of the Russian government has told.

He has noticed that regions where the enterprises of deep processing of wood will be under construction are already defined. participation of the Finnish businessmen pleasantly also is useful, but from intentions it is time to pass to specific proposals, volumes of participation of the Finnish business we expect considerable - Zubkov has told.