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Cup-final of Russia can transfer from Ekaterinburg to Grozny

the Final of the Cup of Russia on football which should take place in a Victory Day in capital of Average Ural Mountains, can be transferred to Grozny.

the Reason of possible carrying over is poor condition of a lawn at the Central stadium of Ekaterinburg. Visited in Ural Mountains recently commission RFS on licensing of fields has stated a local grass an unsatisfactory estimation. Quality of a lawn remained representatives Kazan " are dissatisfied also; the Ruby and capital the Dynamo - participants of a final. And now accept the ending can Arena Ahmat in capital of the Chechen Republic. After all the stadium field in Grozny is considered one of the best in the country.

However, workers of the Central stadium of Ekaterinburg assure that by May, 9th a glade will find an ideal kind. However for this purpose, except the strengthened daily work, uraltsam should help and weather.

- fertilizers and posejany seeds from the Dutch manufacturer, adapted for sports lawns of northern regions have been in the field introduced, - the chief of department of service of sports constructions of the Central stadium Yury Ogorodnikov has told. - then has passed process peskovanija - zasypka seeds sand for faster germination. Are regularly carried out watering by means of the automated system of an irrigation and a lawn hairstyle. Besides, we constantly trace a weather forecast: if the night temperature falls below zero of degrees - a field will cover a special cloth and will include heating.

the Final decision concerning a decisive match venue on the Cup will be defined 4 - on May, 5th when to Average Ural Mountains one more commission RFS will arrive. While FK Ural Mountains has cancelled on Central all trainings, and the nearest house match will spend at stadium an Uralmash .

Carrying over of the ending from Ekaterinburg will lead to undesirable consequences, considering that allocated RFS to a city the quota in 13 thousand tickets has been sold for two days. Besides carrying over will strike on reputation of Ekaterinburg which applies for carrying out of matches of the World championship of 2018.