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Online - translation of a match of the championship of Russia the Ruby - Zenith

the Ruby – Zenith
2: 2
1. Saffron milk caps
2. Kuzmin
3. Ansaldi
4. Navas
76. Sharonov ()
23. R.Eremenko
66. Natho
8. Ryazantsev
61. Karadeniz
28. Davidov
18. Valdes

the spare:

24. Arlauskis
27. Bokketti
19. Kaleshin
30. Vale
77. Bocharov
10. Kasaev
25. Djadjun
30. ZHevnov
2. Anjukov
3. Alvesh
6. Lomberts
20. Fajzulin
27. Denisov
25. Semak ()
99. Kanunnikov
29. Arshavin
9. Buharov

the spare:

22. Borodin
11. Kerzhakov
14. Gubochan
15. Shirokov
17. Rosina
23. Husti
34. Bystrov
Statistics of a match
2 Goals 2
12 Blows 13
4 Blows in an alignment 8
2 Angular 7
48 Possession of a ball (%) 52
13 Fouls 16
1 Yellow maps 3
0 Red maps 0
90 + 4 the Match is finished Naves Ansaldi is intercepted by Zhevnovym. A drawn game 2:2. Thanks for attention
90 + 3 Pitertsy do not allow citizens of Kazan to receive a ball, zabros forward, Husti left on a shock position
90 + 2 Kasaev goes forward, but loses a ball
90 + 2 Zenith supervises a ball, goes to attack on right brovke
90 + 1 Blow from gate Zenith
90 + 1 3 minutes still to play to commands
90 the Yellow card Ansaldi interrupts Denisov`s attack
90 Kuzmin`s Canopy is intercepted
89 Eremenko beats from afar near to a bar
89 Kuzmin has tried to pass Husti. But zenitchiki and this attack have beaten off
88 Zabros forward, but protection Zenith plays confidently
87 Kasaev Is mistaken at an input in penal visitors. The dangerous moment, Djadjun falls. But the penalty is not present
86 the Rigid foul against Kasaeva
86 One more approach of owners, Ansaldi hangs directly in hands Zhevnovu
85 At visitors dangerous counter attack
85 the Ruby spends the massed attack, Natho is crafty and loses a ball
84 Replacement Djadjun instead of Davidov. a ruby changes one forward for another
83 Natho does an inexact pass
82 Ryazantsev on Eremenko, but then back, zabros on Ansaldi. Eremenko strikes powerful blow! But Zhevnov reflects blow
81 Points are necessary the Ruby and the ball all time is at Zenith which last minutes looks rather solidly
80 Now Husti has got in ofsajd
79 Ofsajd at the Ruby
79 Rosina has dangerously punched on collars! Saffron milk caps has hardly returned a ball on a line of gate. Angular. But anything dangerous has not occurred
78 Penal in gate the Ruby for a foul of Navasa against Arshavina. Visitors will beat sideways
77 Replacement Husti instead of Buharova who wanted to hammer into gate of the former command, but and has not managed to make it
76 Pitertsy go forward, ball transfer to the centre, game back
75 the Canopy on the right, but Zenith plays confidently on the second floor
74 Visitors attack by a right edge, Buharov has put heading on collars. By
73 Replacement Kasaev at the Ruby instead of Karadeniza
72 Zenith plays confidently, beats off all attacks of owners
71 New unsuccessful attack the Ruby which has again lost overweight in the bill
70 Ofsajd at the Ruby
69 Replacement Rosina instead of Fajzulina at Zenith
69 the Goal Arshavin has managed to get well on a ball after flank transfer. Saffron milk caps to reflect blow has not managed
68 With a ball visitors, zabros forward on Bystrova, Vladimir battles for sphere, but then it loses
67 New approach pitertsev. Bystrov essentially diversified game of visitors in attack
66 Visitors have broken rules in penal owners. Before this Alvesh did two canopies
65 Anjukov has not allowed possibility of Karadenizu to reach a ball. Blow from gate Zenith . Bystrov in reciprocal attack did a lumbago, Navas has translated sphere on angular
64 the Yellow card to Buharovu for blow on feet behind Eremenko
64 Citizens of Kazan have beaten off attack Zenith
63 Arshavin from the angular has dangerously hung. Davidov has beaten out a ball directly from gate. Fast counter attack the Ruby . But the ball is lost by owners
62 Replacement Bokketti instead of Valdesa. the Ruby strengthens defence
61 On the verge ofsajda at the rival plays the Ruby in the penal. Attack of visitors is beaten off
60 Replacement Bystrov instead of Kanunnikova at Zenith
59 the Goal Natho has hammered, the ball srikoshetil after its blow and from a foot of Lukovicha has flown in a grid
58 Ryazantsev left on a shock position, but visitors reflect threat from the gate. Fans the Ruby the plait faery, a smoke has in the field appeared
57 Valdes has struck blow, the ball flies near to a bar. Lomberts translates sphere on angular
56 Eremenko has not managed to strike blow straight off, a trauma at Davidov
55 Lukovich has broken rules on Valdese in a midfield
54 Ofsajd at Zenith . Tribunes have quickened
53 Arshavin has made pass, Buharov has punched. Saffron milk caps hardly took a ball
52 Davidov is not in time to a ball in an attack
51 Visitors have responded to attack of owners counterattack
50 the Goal Semak has evened up scores! Arshavin has made a pass to the partner, and Sergey with a rebound from the earth has struck striking blow. Saffron milk caps has had time to concern a ball
50 the Canopy on the right, but Buharov has not reached a ball
49 Sharonov folit on Fajzuline
49 Arshavin was not in time to a ball in opposition with Natho at gate the Ruby
49 Arshavin was not in time to a ball in opposition with Natho at gate the Ruby
48 Zenith begins attack on the right, the canopy on Buharova is inexact
48 Owners miss a ball for a lateral line
47 Draw kornera has not crowned by success
46 Arshavin should hammer! Andrey has punched on force and has got in Ryzhikova. Anybody after all did not disturb to the player Zenith angular
46 second half of meeting
45 + 1 the Break Arshavin has hung, Eremenko has beaten out a ball
45 Fol Ansaldi on Kanunnikove. Penal sideways from gate
44 Citizens of Kazan in podkate well play, Davidov has tried to escape forward, but Zenith plays to defence confidently
43 the Yellow card Alvesh has received for rigid game against Valdesa
42 Karadeniz on a strong pass forward is not in time. ZHevnov enters a ball into the game, new attack Zenith
41 Eremenko Semak folit on Valdese
40 Podkljuchenie Ansaldi to attack the Ruby in what has not resulted
40 Denisov folit on Karadenize
39 Item approach Zenith : the ball is translated there - here, and then follows zabros on Buharova. The forward cannot hammer
38 Natho has passed half of field and has punched. Highly too the ball has departed
38 Fol Buharova on Eremenko
37 Counter attack Zenith it is interrupted by Kuzmin
36 Buharov beats a head precisely in hands to the goalkeeper of owners
36 After a canopy of Navas has beaten out a ball on angular
35 Semak has not managed to leave from defenders, but penal in gate the Ruby pitertsami it is earned
34 Visitors are mistaken often in transfers, at citizens of Kazan much more desire to play and conquer. Kanunnikov misses a ball for an obverse line
33 the Ball has not reached Arshavina, the Ruby runs in counter attack. ZHevnov well operates on interception
32 Buharov has reached a ball only outside of a field
32 Again a head has punched Valdes. Has not got in a framework attacking the Ruby after Ryazantsev`s pass
31 Saffron milk caps enters a ball into game, Karadeniz rushes in penal, Anjukov in podkate translates sphere on angular
30 Navas faster Semak has appeared on a ball
29 Davidov has not managed obokrast ZHevnova which has strongly beaten out a ball in the field
28 Valdes dangerously beat a head! After a pass of Ansaldi the Paraguayan struck strong blow. The ball has passed near to a bar
27 Attack at the left visitors in what has not resulted
26 Speeds at Peter low, Buharov has not managed to leave 1 on 1
25 Davidov beat a head on a leaving ball, but on collars has not got. A ball a parachute Has flown over a crossbeam
24 Arshavin has risked to punch, Saffron milk caps without effort took a ball in hands
24 Fol Karadeniza on Arshavine. Penal, but to gate very far
23 Arshavin on Denisov, transfer into Anjukova. Loss
22 the Picture does not change. The ball goes for a drive there - here
21 the Ball at citizens of Kazan, but forward to go they do not hurry up. In their advantage, it is necessary now to try not to pass the bill
20 the Miss at gate the Ruby the second attempt at players Zenith . The ball flies back
19 Visitors continue to attack
18 to Escape Valdes from the rival in a midfield has not managed. Arshavin is crafty with a turn and beats slightly directly in hands to the goalkeeper the Ruby
17 Valdes left on a shock position, here only on a ball has not got
16 the Yellow card Arshavin has received for continuation of game after a stop its arbitrator
16 Semak has got To a bar! Has elegantly beaten the trustee and has well punched
15 Kanunnikov in opposition with Ansaldi has earned the angular. A canopy, Davidov takes out a ball a head from penal
14 Semak and Fajzulin shot at the goal. Saffron milk caps on a place
14 Davidov has prevented to hammer in Karadenizu! There was a flank transfer to which the Turk
13 Kuzmin throws a miss, the ball is given in back
12 Saffron milk caps enters a ball into game from the gate
11 Attacks the Ruby . The ball leaves for an obverse line
10 Visitors go forward, Buharov could not pass Navasa
9 Fajzulin nearly has not made even result! Saffron milk caps has reflected its blow from a close distance
8 the Goal Ryazantsev has managed to close transfer of Karadeniza. By a ball has slipped some football players Zenith Alexander has outstripped all
8 Visitors confidently supervise a ball, Arshavin hangs at the left, but the partners support the player could not
7 players " Miss a ball; the Ruby for a lateral line
6 Natho has hung, but Zhevnov has confidently played on an exit, but attack the Ruby has proceeded. The canopy on the right has appeared is inexact
5 Lomberts folit on Davidov. Penal
4 Karadeniz on Eremenko, but a ball leaves field limits. Blow from gate Zenith
4 the Miss at the gate is thrown by owners
3 the Ball in a midfield, players move actively enough
2 the Ruby holds a ball on right brovke, gives in back. Attempt to do pass forward has not crowned by success
1 Zabros forward, but Buharov to a ball was not in time
1 Visitors have played a ball, the duel started
0 Hello! Not the considerable quantity of spectators on tribunes greets commands which already left in the field. Petersburg torsida it is rather impressive. In Kazan it is cool, +10 degrees

Today in Kazan football players local the Ruby within the limits of 42 tours of national championship will take the command Zenith (St.-Petersburg).

For the Neva club it will be the first match in the rank of the triple gold medallist. On a visit it is waited by the command, two times conquering the championship. It will be interesting to look: a leah the Neva players have saved any motivating on the superiority rest, or they have decided to go on leave ahead of schedule. The match will take place at stadium Central

It is known that together with Zenith goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev has not departed to Kazan only. Completely the structure of Petersburg club looks as follows: Goalkeepers Yury Zhevnov, Dmitry Borodin, defenders of Brunu Alvesh, Tomash Gubochan, Nicolas Lomberts, Alexander Anjukov, Alexander Lukovich, halfbacks Sergey Semak, Victor Fajzulin, Igor Deniss, the Novel Shirokov, Alessandro Rozina, Sabolch Husti, Andrey Arshavin, Vladimir Bystrov, attacking Alexander Kerzhakov, Alexander Buharov, Maxim Kannunikov.

the Kazan fans are waited by a new meeting with were tatarstanskimi players. Still two years ago Alexander Buharov and Sergey Semak protected colours the Ruby having managed to win together with it two complete sets of gold medals. Having moved to Northern capital, they have won two more champion cups, remaining the unique football players conquering all last superiority of the country since 2008.

it is impossible to get used To a champion`s title, it is always pleasant, - has declared after   gains the sixth gold in Russia veteran Sergey Semak. - Any football player wants to conquer all tournaments in which it takes part. We deservedly became champions, having passed all championship on one breath, having gained many beautiful victories and well having acted in Euro cups. Unequivocally this season Zenith can bring to itself in an active .

the Match will be spent by capital referee Timur Arslanbekov for whom it will be the first game a top - clubs of Premieres - leagues. Before the judge worked on duels of commands mainly from the bottom eight of the higher football battalion. Game will begin at 18:30 Moscow time, online - translation will spend Marseilles Bikbaev.