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Nicolas Sarkozy has brought an action from - for charges in reception of money from Kaddafi

the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has kept a word: it has brought an action against the Internet - edition Mediapart which has published the document where it is told about financing of election campaign of 2007 by a Libyan management of that time.

the Parisian Office of Public Prosecutor has operatively accepted business on charge in use and the publication of false data to consideration. To its message it is entrusted to regional branch of criminal police. Apparently, the meeting with inspectors is necessary to the head of a site of Edvi Plenelju, and also two employees of the edition. The compromising evidence on the president and simultaneously the candidate for the second term in the Elisejsky palace has outright agitated the Parisian political beau monde on the eve of the second tour of presidential election. It will pass next Sunday.

the Document which has appeared on pages the Internet - editions, represents official by sight the circular in the Arabian language, dated December, 2006. In it it is told about the basic arrangement concerning allocation of 50 million euro for needs of election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy of 2007. On a paper there is a signature of the head of external investigation of that time, and at one time and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Libya Musy of Coosa.

If to consider that the question on illegal financing of campaign of Sarkozy of five years` prescription, in particular, from party Dzhamahirii, rose time and again in a press, rough reaction of the president - the candidate is quite clear. It boiled from rage literally, acting in the TV channel program France 2 . Naming the publication a dirty forgery and a site, its placed, a shop Sarkozy has fallen upon political opponents from sotspartii. As he said, distribution of such forgeries is Distracting maneuver . Thus, the candidate right considers, socialists try to distract attention from the person Dominica Stross - Cana which they wanted in the past to make the president of the French Republic . Sarkozy also has informed that both Libyans mentioned in the document, from it otkrestilis. And it is valid so. Musa Coosa has let about it know from Qatar where has now found a refuge. Bashir Saleh it was entrusted to them to carry out a transfer of millions euro, through the lawyer also denies participation in this history. It would Seem, the situation was cleared up. But head Mediapart of Edvi Plenel insists that its information original and checked up . As to certificates of two Libyans, they, as he said, more than doubtful. Under the information the Internet - editions, both ostensibly are obliged by much to the present French authorities.