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The head of group of observers in Syria has estimated conditions in Homs and the Boor

Head of Mission of the United Nations of supervision in Syria Robert Mud has made a trip to Homs and to the Boor - administrative centres of the provinces located to the north from Damascus.

In Damascus consider expedient to spend “ careful investigation “ last infringements of an armistice which have poured out in dangerous acts of terrorism and the armed sorties which have caused  destruction of people. The opposition, however, believes that last explosions in Damascus and Idlibe “ are dramatized “ special services.

Before arrival of U.N. experts in Homs explosion in a quarter of Women - Amr has thundered and firing in areas Karabis and Halidija where not laid down arms insurgents manage was audible. About it passes ITAR - TASS.

In Adlii located in vicinities of capital, the general of the Syrian army as a result of explosion of the bomb established on a roadside of road has been killed; In Kudsii from hands of insurgents the lieutenant colonel was lost.

the Assistant to the U.N. emissary Ahmed Fauzi has declared that in case of a failure of the plan of settlement of the special representative of the United Nations and League of the Arabian states of Kofi Annan in Syria it can turn back “ civil war also destabilises a situation in all Near East “.

Number of observers grows, and their problem is to provide conditions for performance of all six points “ a road map “ on an overcoming the crisis. By a weekend in Syria will already keep watch over 50 U.N. officers.