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South Korea has accused Democratic People`s Republic of Korea of breaking of system of air navigation

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has tried to put out of action system of navigation GPS in air space of South Korea by means of mufflers of signals that has led to cancellation of 252 commercial flights, the New York Times newspaper informs on Wednesday. Referring to South Korean officials, the newspaper reminds that since 2010 it already, at least, the fourth attempt of Pyongyang to create chaos in air space of South Korea.

Last is undertaken after the prevention of military Democratic People`s Republic of Korea that they will accept special measures against the authorities and conservative mass-media of Republic Korea on a wave of the next deterioration of the Interkorean relations.

We believe that signals muffling start with the North Korea - the edition of a word of the representative of the Korean commission concerning communications gives. At the same time, he has told, messages on a damage did not arrive . Hindrances are noticed, basically, around the airports of Inchon and Kimpho in Seoul, and also in 50 kilometres from military - a line of demarcation dividing in two the Korean peninsula since 1953.

Dispatchers at these two airports have instructed pilots to use alternative system of navigation, and changes in the schedule of passenger flights have not occurred, writes New York Times referring to the ministry of transport of South Korea. At the same time, hindrances in GPS have led to cancellation 241 flights of South Korean planes though the newspaper does not specify, which. Also signals of hindrances have affected system of navigation of 11 flights of two post companies and airlines Japan Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Air Philippines.

As to military transport a radio noise in air has not affected it in any way as GPS in country armed forces it is not used, marks New York Times referring to the Republic Korea Ministry of Defence.