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The prospective accomplice of pilot Jaroshenko recognised fault

as Asevedo Sarmento, the prospective accomplice of the Russian pilot Konstantin Jaroshenko denounced in the USA for 20 years on charge in attempt of contraband of drugs, recognised fault, the sentence will be taken out on December, 10th. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to the statement of court of New York.

Delo Sarmento is on consideration at judge Dzheda Rakoff who presided over process on business of the Russian. The public prosecutor of Southern district of New York Prit Bharara in October, 2011 has declared an extradition of Sarmento from Colombia where that has been detained. Earlier US authorities have informed on detention in Spain other suspect on this business - Salazara Kastano who also expected an extradition. Sarmento and Kastano have been brought accusations along with Russian Konstantin Jaroshenko and more several figurants of business.

the Russian pilot Konstantin Jaroshenko has been detained on June, 2nd, 2010 by Office of Public Prosecutor of Southern district of New York in Liberia and is delivered in the USA. Against it charge in arrangement to the purpose of a transfer of large party of cocaine in Latin America which part intended for delivery in States has been brought.

Under the version of the American consequence, Jaroshenko transported cocaine to the South America, Africa and Europe, mainly from Liberia and Venezuela

According to Office of Public Prosecutor, Jaroshenko has accepted the offer of the American agents to transport 4 tons of cocaine from the South America to Africa, and therefrom - in the USA. In May, 2010 it, according to state charge, has arrived to Liberia on purpose to discuss with the Colombian partners cost of its services. To it have offered 4,5 million dollars for transportation of cocaine from Venezuela to Liberia and more 1,8 million dollars - for its transportation to Nigeria and Ghana, whence a part of drugs should be forwarded to the USA.

Jaroshenko during preliminary hearings the fault did not recognise, nevertheless, the jury in April of last year recognised as its guilty. In September the court has sentenced Jaroshenko to 20 years of imprisonment while protection asked no more than ten years of imprisonment.

the Sentence to the Russian is appealed against, now the appeal is on consideration.