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Online - translation of a match of the championship of Russia Spartak - the Dynamo

Spartak of M – the M Dynamo
1: 1
the Basic structure

32. Artem Rebrov
3. Serhio Rodriguez
21. Nicolas Pareha
6. Rafael Karioka
8. Ejden Makgidi
24. Cyril Kombarov
27. Alexander Zotov
34. Evgenie Makeev
9. Ari
22. Artem Dzjuba
29. Emmanuel Emenike

Spare structure

1. Nikolay Zabolotnyj
50. Irakly Chezhija
77. Gatagov
16 is banished. Demi de Zeuv
25. Dinijar Biljaletdinov
49. Alexander Kozlov

the Head coach

Valery Karpin
the Basic structure

1. Anton Shunin
6. Leandro Fernandez
13. Vladimir Granat
23. Hatch Uilkshir
33. Vladimir Rykov
7. Balazh Dzhudzhak
8. Zvezdan Misimovich
19. Alexander Samedov
21. Igor Semshov
26. Christian Noboa
22. Kevin Kurani

Spare structure

18. The novel Berezovsky
5. Alexander Epurjanu
12. Paul Nehajchik
14. Arthur Jusupov
9. Alexander Kokorin
10. Andrey Voronin
27. Feodor Smolov

the Head coach

Sergey Silkin

90 + 3 The match is finished All! The match is ended! 1:1. This result arranges both spartakovtsev, and dinamovtsev. Struggle for the second place proceeds. To new meetings! Watch our translations!
90 + 2 Kokorin has fine punched on Rebrov`s collars. The goalkeeper Spartaka has returned a ball, however anybody from dinamovtsev on dobivanii was not in time
90 By the basic time of a match it is added three minutes
89 The Irish has executed penal, but the defender has beaten out a ball
89 Makgidi in struggle against Uilkshirom has earned penal
87 Pareha sfolil on Kurani, but the main judge of a match has not noticed infringement
85 There is a sensation that commands already and have agreed on a drawn game
83 Misimovich has executed penal - the wall has not trembled
82 the Yellow card Karioka has brought down Kurani practically on a line penal. And the yellow card was received by Rodri
79 the Yellow card the Pomegranate has rigidly played against Makgidi, for as has received a mustard plaster
77 It is necessary to think out something to commands in attack. Now there is more than bustle, than any thought over actions
75 Emenike has dangerously played against the Pomegranate in a midfield
74 Replacement Dzjuba has left to have a rest. Instead of it in the field there was Biljaletdinov
72 Nigerian Emenike has rammed defence dinamovtsev and a lumbago, however defenders it is white - blue at the last minute could beat out a ball
71 the Grenade on the right flank
69 Kurani has ruined one more moment. Could not attacking to punch precisely
67 Noboa has tried to deduce Kurani on a rendezvous with Rebrov. But the goalkeeper Spartaka in time left gate
66 Karpin actively gives any instructions to the wards. Hardly they hear it
64 Now the ball keeps at " more; the Dynamo . After the made replacements the initiative has passed to visitors
62 Item attack it is white - blue has ended with that Misimovich has appeared in off side
60 Semshov has gone at once to a locker room. At all has not wanted to watch a match to the end
58 Replacement And Kokorin has replaced Dzhudzhaka
57 Replacement Jusupov left instead of captain Semshova
56 Kurani has not bad punched on collars, but the judge has fixed ofsajd
54 One more moment. Emenike could not beat Shunina
53 Ari sfolil in attack. After a break it is red - white attack much. The break has obviously done good to the home team
51 Dzjuba has submitted on the left flank, where Makgidi obokral Misimovicha. Simply the miracle slept the Dynamo from the second goal!
49 After that goal Spartak should excite turns
47 the Goal And here the Brazilian also was corrected! After a perfect pass from Emenike Ari from the third time (!!) All - taki amazes gate of Shunina!
46 Good counter attack Spartaka has come to the end rezultatnym with a canopy of Ari
46 the Second time has begun! We continue conversation!
45 + 1 the Break All. The first time is ended! While dinamovtsy absolutely deservedly win. We will look that can think up Spartak in second half of match. For now we will have a rest 15 minutes
45 By the basic time of the first time one minute
44 to Prostrelnaja transfer of Makgidi has led to the angular. Kurani has come to the rescue of defenders and has beaten out a ball after the standard
42 Ari marked at a far corner, but has got to someone from defenders
40 the Yellow card Zotov sfolil on Kurani also has received a mustard plaster!
39 Misimovich has given perfect transfer on Samedova who simply did not expect from the partner of such gift
38 the Rigid joint between Misimovichem and Zotovym in a midfield
36 Emenike has tried to punch from the left flank in a far corner, but has earned only angular
35 Semshov has punched from off side. The arbitrator of it has not noticed and has appointed korner
34 Makgidi has tried to throw a ball for a back of Shuninu - it was impossible
32 Samedov has earned the angular. After execution of the standard Rebrov has beaten out a ball hands. The further actions it is white - blue dangerous you will not name
30 Kurani lies on a lawn. Physicians help it. On repetition it is visible that anybody did not touch Kevin
28 This time on collars of Shunina Makeev - by
26 the Next giving of Makgidi has brought spartakovtsam angular, which, unfortunately for fans it is red - white anything dangerous for dinamovtsev did not conceal
25 Cyril Kombarov has left from two defenders and has punched in falling - too highly
24 Roars has rigidly met Emenike. The main judge of a meeting has rebuked the defender
23 the Goal in gate the Dynamo obviously becomes ripe
21 Anton Shunin is literally from a foot has taken away a ball from Emenike. One more moment at the home team
19 After giving of Ari it is dangerous on collars has punched same Dzjuba - in metre from a crossbeam
18 Have broken rules on Dzjube in a midfield
15 the Initiative Valery Karpin`s wards now own. Dinamovtsy basically operate on counter attacks
13 One more possibility to recoup at Spartaka . Ari has dumped a ball on Dzjubu, Artemu have not allowed to punch from very good position
10 Makgidi has submitted from the left left flank, Ari has punched a head, then the ball has appeared at Emenike who simply not could to execute blow normally. What moment at it is red - white
8 Karioka has tried to punch on collars the Dynamo . Already though something for visitors
6 It is white - blue have earned the angular. After execution of the standard the ball gets to a crossbeam! Here so the beginning for Spartaka
4 Makgidi has tried to break on the right flank. But giving at the Irish has not turned out - Shunin without problems has taken away a ball
3 the Goal And in a following episode nemets any more has not forgiven it is red - white . Kurani has received a ball in 25 metres from gate and at once has precisely punched! Rebrov has not reacted at all
2 Kurani has appeared in the centre penal and has powerfully punched on Rebrov`s collars - by. Has carried spartakovtsam
1 the Main arbitrator has given a starting whistle! The match has begun! Have gone!
0 And Leandro Fernandez leaves in a starting lineup the Dynamo . The trauma of the Argentinean has appeared not so already and serious
0 Commands have appeared in the field, the hymn of Russia
0 Hello, expensive fans of football! We begin our translation!

Within the limits of 42 - go tour of the championship of Russia over football Moscow Spartak in Luzniki signs the Dynamo . At present it is red - white have settled down on the fourth place, having in the active of 68 points. Sergey Silkina`s wards with 69 points take of the second position in standings.  

And for Spartaka and for the Dynamo this match can become solving in struggle for the second place. About adherence to principles of rivalry these two command to speak at all does not cost. In the present championship in internal opposition the parity is observed. On time victory celebrated spartakovtsy (3:1) and dinamovtsy (2:0), still the drawn game (1:1) once has been fixed.  

Valery Karpin`s command has approached to this match with the big personnel losses. After lost derbi CSKA from - for search of yellow cards cannot leave in the field Dmitry Kombarov, Marek Are dry also Sergey Bryzgalov. Six More person will not help the command from - for traumas (Velliton, Kajumov, Dikan, Parshivljuk, Karioka, Zhano). As to the Dynamo it is white - blue will do without the central defender Leandro Fernandez who from - for damages could not finish a match with Zenith . Also hardly it is necessary to expect disgraced attacking Andrey Voronina`s occurrence,   which has the day before played for a youth line-up. Sergey Silkin on - former considers,   that the Ukrainian attacking does not pass in structure.

the Main judge of a match appoints Alexey Eskov from Moscow. Game will begin at 18:30 Moscow time.

Online - translation of this meeting will be spent by Yury Zubko.