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The speaker of seaside parliament suspect of theft of oil products

passions on eks - to governor Sergey Darkinu had not time to abate in Primorski Krai, is unexpected for all retired as in edge new political scandal has started to grow. Its figurant became eks - the businessman, the chairman of Legislative Assembly of region Evgenie Ovechkin.

the Speaker suspect of especially large swindle made by it still in stay by the businessman. Ostensibly the firm over which Ovechkin supervised, has not paid off with suppliers of fuel from Khabarovsk.

- Under the version of the investigation, in 2008 suspected by swindle has stolen at the commercial enterprise oil products in cost not less than 38 million roubles, and has disposed of them on the smotreniju, - has informed the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory the Aurora Roman, having added that witnesses are interrogated, and inspectors study the withdrawn documents.

it is probable, their contents have called weight of questions a consequence. And, being afraid not to receive on them answers, it was converted with the petition for restriction of freedom of Ovechkina. In Sunday in Vladivostok has passed session of Lenin district court which has decided to plant the speaker under house arrest.

- This preventive punishment assumes absence at the suspect of any contacts, except as with close to relatives and representatives of protection. Supervision of an execution of the punishment will be carried out by bodies GU FSIN. In case of infringements Ovechkin will be taken into custody, - has explained Roman.

today deputies of parliament can Already appoint emergency meeting date where they should be defined with fulfilling duties of the speaker.

members of the same party who after occurrence of the information on criminal case excitation have declared at once are not too benevolently adjusted also that if the fault of Ovechkina will be proved, he will leave the ranks Bears .

All for five months of abiding of Ovechkina as the chairman of parliament of Primorski Krai, it some times riveted on itself(himself) steadfast attention of the public. In the winter the Office of Public Prosecutor checked the information about ostensibly available at it grin - a map . Acknowledgement and it has not been found.

Then there were messages about available at it more than 20 - million credit debts against one of banks.

All some days before arrest to clear up a situation of Ovechkina have asked at Legislative Assembly session even its colleagues - deputies. Then the speaker has assured that with the law it has no problems. Then it has been selected by the representative of a seaside legislature in parliamentary association the Far East and Transbaikalia .