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On the Moscow region new hurricane

in the Evening on Tuesday in capital region approaches the present hurricane raged. As a result of elements five persons are hospitalised, tens housing estates have remained without electricity.

According to meteorologists, after 15. 00 wind has literally rushed in northern and severo - the western areas of Moscow suburbs. Having passed on the region centre, including capital, only late at night has reached the east and jugo - east territories of area, and the power it did not lose. In places flaws reached 23 - 25 metres   in a second. Aggravated a situation that fact that behind the core cold fronts moved also secondary cold front, such game in salochki only strengthened heat of elements. Weather only in the morning Wednesdays, on May, 2nd has calmed down. According to capital department of the public health services, six persons have been wounded, from them five - are hospitalised with traumas and bruises in hospitals.   Tens cars about t falling of branches of trees, pognuty a number advertising a design are hurt, ornaments by May, 9th in Victory Park are bent. Besides, the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow has fixed on jugo - the capital east the canopy turned from a powerful flaw for cars, and the punched roof of the Moscow building university. City public utilities continue to liquidate elements consequences: to saw boughs of the fallen trees and to take out them from a city. Authorities of the capital yet have not estimated caused to a city elements a damage.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Region, the elements have left without light at once some settlements and housing estates. Numerous breakages of electric mains are fixed, put out of action about 300 transformer substations. Domodedovsky, Podolsk, Shchelkovo, Noginsk and Kolomna areas have most suffered. Power in number of 180 brigades in the forenoon on May, 2nd liquidated elements consequences.

By the way

According to meteorologists in spite of the fact that the wind has abated, the cold snap which it has brought, will be saved still a minimum days. Then weather will give again a surprise this time in the form of storm rains with thunder-storms and a squally wind, truth, its impulses will be less strong, than evening of the 1st of May. Air temperature will get warm almost in the afternoon to +16 … +21 degrees. In the days off considerably will become warmer: in the afternoon to +25 … +28 degrees, at night not more low +8. Such temperature on 3 - 6 degrees will appear even above climatic norm.