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As a result of disorders in Cairo eleven persons

Eleven persons were lost were lost, tens have got wounds during disorders at a building of the Ministry of Defence in the centre of Cairo, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

the Group of unknown people attacked at a dawn of participants of a termless protest action at a building of the Minister of Defence of Egypt. Attacking stoned demonstrators and bottles with an incendiary mix.

Protesting demand the prompt delegation of power to a civil management.

According to a Ministry of Health of Egypt, two from five victims have died from gunshot wounds in a head.

the Cairo area Abbasija where there is a building of the Ministry of Defence, since April, 29th remains epicentre of collisions between supporters of Islamite Hazema Salaha Abu Ismaila excluded from presidential race and unknown young men.

Participants have declared intention to continue protests before unconditional performance of their conditions and demand to dismiss the Higher commission on presidential election and to cancel 28 - ju article of the Constitutional declaration. It, in particular, defines an order of formation and Central Electoral Commission work, equating its decisions to the law which does not have a retroactive effect.

Declared as peace the protest action has outgrown in disorders when its participants have undergone to attack of unknown persons. Attacking among which there were also the inhabitants of nearby areas dissatisfied with that demonstrators have blocked off traffic, stoned them, cocktails of Molotova shooting in places was audible. The military police which problem includes protection of the Minister of Defence, did not interfere with an event, as the protesting did not undertake attempts to attack department.

on May, 1st groupings of fans of the Egyptian soccer team have joined protests at the Minister of Defence Al - Ahli .