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The president of the Russian Federation has confirmed a new order of elections of governors


last days the term president Dmitry Medvedev finishes the political reform initiated by it. Yesterday the head of the state has confirmed a new order of elections of governors and has released parties from petition for participation in elections.

Dmitry Medvedev has spent traditional and last as the president a meeting with leaders of parliamentary parties. Through schitanye days it again should sit down for one table with parliamentary fractions, but already as the candidate on fast of premieres - the minister.

While the head of the state, taking an opportunity, has decided to thank members of parliament for four years of teamwork. The management of the Duma parties has come in good May mood. The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov from a threshold has congratulated all journalists on the past on May, 1st. He searched for May Day signs in all. Having seen a red tie the liberal - democrat Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has noticed that that puts on for the first time the such its memories. The leader of LDPR, probably, felt soiled by something communistic and began to develop thought: red - means, beautiful .

the Exchange of remarks between Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky in any 15 minutes of expectation of the president happened yet time. The main communist has remembered fast commemorating 100 - letija newspapers Truth . It has called memoirs on times of the Soviet press, when Truth and Work left in mullions-strong circulations. Vladimir Zhirinovsky has voiced the, as usual, critical opinion - if something and read, only Truth and that on work. Gennady Zyuganov has assumed that Zhirinovsky read the fourth strip. I liked to read obituaries - the leader of LDPR has responded to it.

During any moment in the centre of attention of members of parliament sitting at one round table there were Zhirinovsky`s big points. He explained to the secretary of presidium gensoveta an United Russia to Sergey Neverov that is urged to carry them from - for far-sightednesses which is not recommended to be treated any operations.

- At you Antropov`s points, - Zyuganov has suddenly noticed.

- Yes? Well also a work place, - Zhirinovsky has responded, having called behind a table universal laughter. - then at you and Marsh was not.

After that the leader of LDPR already tried not to release the initiative. At first has developed thought concerning May demonstrations to spend all of them together: representatives an United Russia there could be above on the Mausoleum, and other parties - more low. And has then decided to recoup comparison on comparison, but has chosen for this purpose why - that the chairman Fair Russia Nikolay Levicheva. Levichev could descend for Suslov - same thin, irritating, pushing away - Zhirinovsky has declared.

the Further parallels with Soviet period were interrupted with Dmitry Medvedev`s occurrence. I have invited you to thank for that work which we conducted throughout four years - he has underlined. It was in this time accepted about 200 presidential bills. Not all members of parliament supported all from them, the head of the state has made a reservation, but in disputes the right decisions and ideas were born. in the basic directions we moved together - Medvedev ascertained.

Movement it proceeds and last days Medvedev`s presidencies. I have just signed the law on an order of elections of governors, - he has informed. - This law comes into force, and subsequently all higher officials in subjects of the country will be selected to the straight lines equal and ballot of all citizens, corresponding subjects living in territory . Also the head of the state has released parties from petition on elections, except presidential elections, but also there the quantity of signatures of citizens considerably is lowered.

Shortly Dmitry Medvedev should work with members of parliament already in the new status. For May, 8th State Duma session on which the question about new the prime minister - the minister will be considered is planned. if I receive the State Duma mandate if the State Duma renders me trust, that, naturally, I will continue to work with all present, maybe, in a bit different formats, but them too will be a significant amount - the president has noted.

During a meeting Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed that is ready before voting by the nominee to carry out consultations of each party. Have confirmed the schedule: the meeting with " on May, 7th will take place; an United Russia and LDPR, and next day - with eserami and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

the uneasiest consultations for the candidate for premieres will pass directly in day of session of the State Duma. Already it is now clear that for Medvedev will vote United Russia party members and LDPR. we Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev`s nominee, certainly, will support, - the leader of fraction " has declared; an United Russia Andrey Vorobev after a meeting. - the fraction prepares for a meeting which 7 numbers will pass, and all interested persons can ask the questions . Including United Russia party members want to talk about personnel structure of the future government.

the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky because the fraction well knows it has acted For Medvedev also, and knows only from the good party. four years were years of innovations, - he has told. - it is so much the laws connected with expansion of democracy and improvement of the status of political parties, access to mass-media is, probably, there was a political tsunami in respect of democracy .

And here the left opposition in the State Duma while is declined in other party. we will not support any of nominees which will carry out old to the policy, - Gennady Zyuganov has warned. - the old policy does not allow to realise variety of ideas, including what were voiced by Medvedev .

At Fair Russia as its leader Sergey Mironov admitted, too there are more than arguments not to support Medvedev`s nominee: Also has put here not so much that he will lead party an United Russia How much in a question connected with its policy, first of all in social sphere . However, he has noticed at once that the definitive point in a question is not put by fraction - consultations and direct questions still lay ahead. but today the majority of my colleagues considers necessary not to support Medvedev`s nominee on fast of the chairman of the government - Mironov summarised.


the Photo: RIA Novosti news agency